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Photo Challenge – Remastered

The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge will soon begin again at Something to Ponder About and Sandy L’s The Sandy Chronicles. As such, I am reviewing some of my older photography posts and came across this one.

This pic that was part of Sally’s Phoneography Challenge in years gone by.

Would I change anything?

No – I still like this photo. In particular, the fine hairs on the petals of this Jacaranda flower.

jacaranda flower

The phoneography challenge was the brainchild of Sally at Lens and Pens and each week has a different theme and tip for improving your phoneography.  I changed the angle of the light for this photo after photographing it on a previous day. It is a Jacaranda flower that flowers here generally in November.

Sally’s Tip for Macro Photography: Here is a quick tip that will benefit you as you explore the world of macrophotography. Be ultra aware of light flow as you take your subject with your device. Turn off your flash to minimize shadows: determine if that allows for a better image. Try to use natural light, which is my favorite setting.



23 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Remastered”

    1. That will be fum but you can also simply move ur camera on your phone closer and closer into the subject and refocus as you go.. This is how I took these photos as it is a phone challenge


  1. The tree must be spectacular when in full bloom. I’m not familiar with the Jacaranda tree and macro shot is even more impressive taken in context with the full shot. I imagine that it’s easy to bypass the details of the flower when looking at the overall picture of the tree. Nice!

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    1. Did the header shot show up at your end, Sandy? That is where you can get an idea of tree will the whole tree in full bloom. It is spectacular! The ground turns into a lilac carpet when the blossoms fall.

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