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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

F F Photo Challenge Prompt

This week’s prompt for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is:


Rely on your archives, take a snap from your window, however you wish to join in with the challenge, is just fine with me.

Mostly my night photography harkens from Japan, a country that is well lit at night, but there are a few from my home town in my archives.


This Blogging prompt will run until next Thursday. You may continue to post after that, however, I can’t promise to get to your post in a timely manner, but I’ll do my best.

Interested in joining in on the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge?

  • Create a Post
  • Tag and Linkback your ‘Nightime’ Post.
  • Add a comment here, so that we all know you have posted as pingback are unreliable.

Do you need to know more on Friendly Friday? Find it here

Next week, my imaginative co-host Sandy will have another great prompt for you, so check out her blog: The Sandy Chronicles.

Friendly Friday

72 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge”

    1. Thanks for joining in this week. YOu have a talent! They are great shots.I especially like the glint on the night lights at what at first glance looked like a boat in the harbour, but I see it is an amusement ride when I look closer.


    1. The Easter rains are always predictable. We have had some minor showers here. We used to always go down to Coolangatta at Easter. It always rained yet we loved the big surf and walking around the headlands in the cool rain. This downpour and possibly the first week of May will probably be our last rains til next spring…. if they arrive.
      Well done for being the first cab off the rank this week. I will check out your entry now.

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    1. Thank you, Sofia both for contributing to the challenge and for your comment on the new background. WordPress changed the theme I was using and it looked awful with a white colomn of colour, with photo captions and text running into one another. So I changed themes. Unfortunately this one doesn’t have a side bar so all widgets are at the footer. I always look forward to checking out your latest photographs.

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    1. The photo you refer to is taken in Melbourne, Graham. If I had have thought about it more I could have got her to point to an object, a tall object in the distance so that it looked as if she was picking it up – that trick of the eye effect, that would have been cool. I will check it your entry.

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  1. I see that you’ve turned things and colours and fonts around a bit. I like this yellowish tone, it is calming.

    As you’ll see, I’m wondering if you said nightime on purpose, meaning nigh time. I don’t think so, that’s why here are twelve night and nearly night images, each with a poem of six words which I’ve learned today at NaPoWriMo (where I’m the featured participant of the day).

    I hope you are well. We have been spoiled by quarantine and it will be hard to change back to the state of alarm clock.

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