The Falls and Josie – a Short Story

Friday Fictioneers is a challenge wherein you write a Story in 100 Words based on a photo prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart
Just one more step, she surmised, until she reached the edge. 
Still lucid, she considered the horrendous pain she'd feel before the blackness enveloped her. It couldn’t be worse than the cumulative anguish she'd already experienced. Those seven years of wretched, alcoholic despair had degraded her ability to function and think clearly. 
She shivered. 
Was her cheek wet from overspray or tears? 
The breathtaking Bridal Falls the only witness to the chaos in her mind.
“C’mon Josie,” Mother called. “Enough of those murder mysteries, you’ll be late for school.” 
Josie bolted downstairs marking the page as she closed the book.

Word Count: 100


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