The Falls and Josie – a Short Story

Friday Fictioneers is a challenge wherein you write a Story in 100 Words based on a photo prompt:

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart
Just one more step, she surmised, until she reached the edge. 
Still lucid, she considered the horrendous pain she'd feel before the blackness enveloped her. It couldn’t be worse than the cumulative anguish she'd already experienced. Those seven years of wretched, alcoholic despair had degraded her ability to function and think clearly. 
She shivered. 
Was her cheek wet from overspray or tears? 
The breathtaking Bridal Falls the only witness to the chaos in her mind.
“C’mon Josie,” Mother called. “Enough of those murder mysteries, you’ll be late for school.” 
Josie bolted downstairs marking the page as she closed the book.

Word Count: 100

75 thoughts on “The Falls and Josie – a Short Story”

      1. Good start indeed. I think I’ll join the 100 word challenge again as soon as I’m feeling well again. The coming week I’m doing another 5 days on writing childrens picture books(it’s free thats why I’m doing it) The info is only 24 hours on line to listen en make notes. Then also the time zone is a bit of a problem because they start midnight our time and I have to catch next morning here before they take it off. I’m kind of used by now working like that on line.

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    1. Thanks, Happy Panda. I am really glad you found it so. That compliment is much appreciated. I don’t find writing concise short stories easy and hope I am improving.


      1. Well, not as often as I used to. I started probably around 12 years ago and for a long time I was in most weeks, but the last two or three years, not so much so.


  1. Lots of tension and potential disaster in this. I’m so glad it all disappeared with the closing of a book. However, if Josie is like most other school kids, there’s probably just as much tension and drama at home as Mum (or Dad) tries to get everyone up and about.

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    1. It is so true that there is always loads of tension and drama in a house where adolescents live. Reading is one occupation that usually is not associated with too many problems. Nevertheless I was concerned my story was getting quite dark so I sought to lighten it up somewhat by making it a fictional tale. I appreciate your comment. Thanks so much.

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    1. Thanks for the link, Keith and welcome to StPA. I haven’t had time to visit all the FF entries yet and the list grows longer each day! I agree with you about books and will go visit your story post now.

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  2. I love and also hate endings like this! Almost kind of like if in the last boom of the Harry Potter series he just woke up in the closet under the stairs and everything was a dream. Great writing! Super descriptive.

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