When the Neighbour Cancels

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Aiming his spray bottle of liquid fertiliser directly at Gary, Errol retorted, “Drinks are cancelled.” Errol easily made friends with the neighbours when he moved into his newhome. He had a penchant for conversation and jokes and found alcoholsmoothed any awkward silences at his weekly, ‘Friday afternoon drinks,’ sessions… Continue reading When the Neighbour Cancels

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Prisoners of the Mind – Flash Fiction

I extended the hand of friendship to a troubled person, but ultimately, it was swatted roughly away. Social anxiety, fears and social reclusiveness/exlusion are incredibly resistant social problems. Mental ill-health disorders are on the rise. Care for your mental health with as much tenderness and attention as your physical self. A Fictional Story from Rochelle's… Continue reading Prisoners of the Mind – Flash Fiction


Always Losing Your Umbrella?

It seemed almost coincidental how it happened. So fortuitous. Like fate had lent a hand. Ella had travelled to Hong Kong on a whim, ostensibly to shop. A snap decision to get away from the mounting conflict at home. Living next door and sharing a common wall with one's ageing parents had its advantages, but… Continue reading Always Losing Your Umbrella?

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Searching for the Silver Lining to Horse Racing and Halloween

It is the race that stops the nation. The Melbourne Cup Horse Race is the richest and perhaps the longest horse race in the world. Held on the first Tuesday in November, in Melbourne Australia, almost every Australian participates in some way in a Melbourne Cup lunch and associated community "sweepstake," - usually for the… Continue reading Searching for the Silver Lining to Horse Racing and Halloween


Closing Down the Friendly Friday Challenge

Sadly, all good things come to an end. After four years, and hundreds of posts across the blogosphere, Friendly Friday Challenge will soon be closing down. Gooseberry It has been great, blogosphere, but its time to move on. The current Friendly Friday team have been unable to find anyone keen to take over administering the… Continue reading Closing Down the Friendly Friday Challenge