Friendly Friday Challenge – Going Green

If you are put off by political-environmental topics you might want to stop reading now. I was ready to post some fun pics of the unique and amazing Banksia plants that I saw yesterday but decided that was a tad ordinary for the prompt Green. Sandy's Friendly Friday prompt of Green made me think of… Continue reading Friendly Friday Challenge – Going Green


Friendly Friday Challenge – Framing Your Subject

I use the natural shapes of trees to frame an outdoor photo. I mean, I look for overhanging branches to use in the foreground. Particularly to give the subject some definition or dimension. A photo of the beach or the sunrise is always lovely, but it is better to have some kind of reference point.… Continue reading Friendly Friday Challenge – Framing Your Subject


Which Aussie Workmate Name Are You and Brilliant Baby Hack?

Australian men are known for it. They've turned it into an art form. If your name is Robert, I'll apologise now, because you'll never ever be called Robert, when you set foot in Australia. I am serious. You may be called, Rob, Robbo, Bob, Bobby, Bert, or worse. But not Robert. If your name is… Continue reading Which Aussie Workmate Name Are You and Brilliant Baby Hack?


Lamington Season

"When is Lamington Season?" my daughter asked casually. The M.o.t.h., (i.e. man of the house), recumbent on the lounge in a semi-conscious smartphone daze lazily replied, "When is whaaat?" "Lamingtons! When are lamingtons in season again?" daughter dear continued naively, while I quietly suppressed a fit of benevolent giggling in the neighbouring room. "I've been… Continue reading Lamington Season

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Wisdom and New Year Beginnings -2022

As tempting as it is to recount the highlights of 2021 and the relative freedom we enjoyed in most of Australia; to do that now in the midst of the opening of the Covid floodgates that are occurring, this minute in our country, seems unfeeling and irrelevant. Australia was lucky - we had our bubble… Continue reading Wisdom and New Year Beginnings -2022


Pull up a Seat Challenge

Retirement brings many joys and one of those is the precious time to sit and contemplate. My life is busy, but I still find time to sit, sip a cup of tea and cogitate on what I can be grateful for, as well as troubleshooting problems and issues that arise in every family and one's… Continue reading Pull up a Seat Challenge