Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro – Fern frond

Glistening in the gentle, sunshine of Spring Delicate, fresh, primordial moment frozen in time. Macro challenge gives one a chance to delve deeper and examine nature's complicated evolution on another scale to that which our eye can see


Black and White Sunday – Cape Gooseberry

First fruit from my garden. It reminds me of being a child and playing in my Grandmother's garden, where Gooseberry like this grew wild. The paper cases are a delight to pull apart and inside you will find a delicious berry. Taken and adjusted slightly with Moldiv and the Nexus 4 Phone camera for Paula … Continue reading Black and White Sunday – Cape Gooseberry

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Daily Post is looking for interpretations of "Inside"  -  I found this in 2 different photographs: Art created by Man: "Unnatural" The reindeer is encased INSIDE glass balls, an art installation at GOMA and   "Natural" A delicate yellow stamen in the indigo flower that is called Canterbury Bell. I marvel at nature's colour palette. More … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

A Word A Week Photograph Challenge – Violet

A Word in Your Ear's Weekly photo challenge is Violet Amazing how the colour changes when you zoom back, using more natural light in the shot. Colour and light are inextricably linked. Something Violet to Ponder About Join in here Related: Also Floral Friday!