When Grief Comes Knocking

The following words are not mine, but a poem by Donna Ashworth. Grief and loss can be a gut-wrenching emotion that sneaks up on a person, catching you unawares. I am reproducing Donna Ashworth's perceptive words, in the event that they might render support/distraction/emotional reassurances to those who are suffering loss and grief. For Ukrainian… Continue reading When Grief Comes Knocking

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Travel Anxiety

Photo by Austin Zhang on “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”― Franklin D. Roosevelt Some people are nervous about travel. Particularly now, as strange virulent germs threaten our safety and confidence. I have always loved travelling. Perhaps it comes from a… Continue reading Travel Anxiety

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On Ukraine

A shopping centre was destroyed by a bomb yesterday. One side says the shopping centre was empty and the detonatation was due to location of enemy weapons supplied by the western powers. The other side says says 1000 people were situated in the centre when the bomb hit. And when asked about the veracity of… Continue reading On Ukraine

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Feeling Miserable?

Life on this planet is on time we borrow, The cup runneth over with anguish and sorrow. Now babies might live, but mothers can die, Children quickly grow learning to fight, kill and lie. Was it ever any fun to shoot a fully loaded gun? There's an uncertain undercurrent washing through the world. Do you… Continue reading Feeling Miserable?


Life, Itself, is an Experiment

I was given a writing assignment from a community writers group: Write 50 Words. Make the words count. For me, that's not easy. I ramble. I wander off topic, I am never succinct. Thus, I chose to use Ekphrastic Poetry, based on the art installation below. A friend thought the colours reminded her of Ukraine.… Continue reading Life, Itself, is an Experiment

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Friendly Friday Challenge – Searching for Serenity

How's your 2022 shaping up? I haven't seen its best face, so far. Not by a long shot. Scarborough, Australia at Sunrise Even so, there's always a sense of serenity to be found, in a Scarborough beach sunrise. Australia is blessed with a multitude of beaches. They're a perfect place for contemplation - the rhythmic… Continue reading Friendly Friday Challenge – Searching for Serenity