Lightning Never Strikes Twice

They say lightning Never Strikes Twice in the Same Place - is that right? WRONG! It can and does strike the same place repeatedly — especially if it's a tall or isolated object. The Empire State Building is hit about 25 times per year. Lightning is spectacular - from a distance - this force of… Continue reading Lightning Never Strikes Twice


Swimming Pools and Australian Children

Swimming in a public or private pool, dam or creek is a given in my region of Australia. It was and is a part of growing up. After all, it gets pretty hot here. Five months of the year. Learning to Swim in Australia Aussie kids receive mandatory swimming lessons at school. It has been… Continue reading Swimming Pools and Australian Children


Street Smart is not Pool smart -Flash Non-Fiction

A True story A tropical hotel with a pool and a family on holiday.   Mum's reliant on seven-year-old Meeva, to watch younger sister, Jenny, as they play.  It's their custom back home. With Meeva’s help, two-year-old Jenny takes her soft toys for a swim. As Meeva swims laps, Jenny silently slips to the bottom.… Continue reading Street Smart is not Pool smart -Flash Non-Fiction


There’s Always One Joker in Every Crowd

The local museum had an interactive exhibit, mainly geared towards children. It comprised a large whiteboard on which children could hand-write a response to the following two questions: Tell us about your backyard. What changes have you (the children) made to your backyard, during COVID-19? I was interested in the children's responses so took a… Continue reading There’s Always One Joker in Every Crowd

Mental Health

Prisoners of the Mind – Flash Fiction

I extended the hand of friendship to a troubled person, but ultimately, it was swatted roughly away. Social anxiety, fears and social reclusiveness/exlusion are incredibly resistant social problems. Mental ill-health disorders are on the rise. Care for your mental health with as much tenderness and attention as your physical self. A Fictional Story from Rochelle's… Continue reading Prisoners of the Mind – Flash Fiction