Why You Shouldn’t Believe in Halloween

Following on from my recent Ghost Story, I didn't grow up with the Halloween tradition and as such, I don't feel the intense need to place a 'ZOMBIE CROSSING,' sign and plaster it in my front garden on October 31 each year. Nor do I relish having an imprint of a hand on my door/window/car… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Believe in Halloween


Which Aussie Workmate Name Are You and Brilliant Baby Hack?

Australian men are known for it. They've turned it into an art form. If your name is Robert, I'll apologise now, because you'll never ever be called Robert, when you set foot in Australia. I am serious. You may be called, Rob, Robbo, Bob, Bobby, Bert, or worse. But not Robert. If your name is… Continue reading Which Aussie Workmate Name Are You and Brilliant Baby Hack?

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Are You Ready Yet? How We Shop

"Are you ready yet?" My other half, aka the 'Moth,' called out - anxious to leave for another shopping expedition. Meanwhile, I tapped away on the keyboard writing yet another blog post. "I won't be long," I distractedly shouted back down the hall. But time then slowed for me; I was engrossed in getting my… Continue reading Are You Ready Yet? How We Shop

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April Fool Ghost

"So I woke up and my beautiful Schnauzer pup is laying on the back patio covered in dirt with a rabbit in his mouth. The rabbit's not bloody, just dirty. My neighbor's kids raise blue ribbon rabbits. I instantly knew it was one of theirs. 😢 I took the rabbit away from my dog, rushed… Continue reading April Fool Ghost


Find Out Your Royal Name

Are you in need of a laugh this morning? Photo by Bestbe Models on Post in the comments your Royal "Name," by listing: 1. Lord or Lady2. Name of a Pet 3. The last thing you ate4. add "of"5. The Last Place You Shopped Mine is: 'Lady Rebellion Biscuit of North Lakes' Sounds Legit?… Continue reading Find Out Your Royal Name