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Searching for the Silver Lining to Horse Racing and Halloween

It is the race that stops the nation. The Melbourne Cup Horse Race is the richest and perhaps the longest horse race in the world. Held on the first Tuesday in November, in Melbourne Australia, almost every Australian participates in some way in a Melbourne Cup lunch and associated community "sweepstake," - usually for the… Continue reading Searching for the Silver Lining to Horse Racing and Halloween


Why You Shouldn’t Believe in Halloween

Following on from my recent Ghost Story, I didn't grow up with the Halloween tradition and as such, I don't feel the intense need to place a 'ZOMBIE CROSSING,' sign and plaster it in my front garden on October 31 each year. Nor do I relish having an imprint of a hand on my door/window/car… Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Believe in Halloween


When You See Strange Ghosts

I was young, probably the youngest student in the group. Out of the intake of 20 or so girls and two older guys, I had only just turned 17. I had to wait until my birthday before I could start training at the old hospital, as a Student Nurse. All the trainees were eager to… Continue reading When You See Strange Ghosts

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Transfering or Inheriting an Existing Blog

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on I have yet to complete a death letter to my daughter. She requested I write one to her before I depart this earth. Not that my death is imminent, or at least I hope not! Is it bad that I procrastinate about the contents? I am still uncertain what… Continue reading Transfering or Inheriting an Existing Blog

Fat Margaret Tower, Talliin

Haunted House in Talliin

As the Schnauzer begins barking at the Trick and Treaters brave enough to go out in the storm, I am reminded of another creepy tail and wonder about the activities that might occur at a location on the other side of the world. The Devil's Window (Rataskaevu 16) There is a house at No. 16… Continue reading Haunted House in Talliin

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An Unusual Request

My daughter wants me to write her a letter. Not just an ordinary letter. She wants me to write a, 'death' letter. Yes, a 'death' letter. I assure you this is not a Halloween gimmick. My dear daughter has requested that I write a letter specifically addressed to her that she might read, after we… Continue reading An Unusual Request