Transfering or Inheriting an Existing Blog

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I have yet to complete a death letter to my daughter.

She requested I write one to her before I depart this earth. Not that my death is imminent, or at least I hope not! Is it bad that I procrastinate about the contents?

I am still uncertain what is necessary to include, something I spoke about before. But what happens to our blogs after we do pass?

Will this blog fade away never to see the light of day again?

Have you made provisions for your own blog?

Given someone you trust the password to your PC or blog?

When you want to end a blog, just how do you do it? Do you link to the new one and shut up shop? Say nothing but put a redirect notice in place? Tell everyone it is closing and then leave quietly?

Blogger Ally talked about how there is loads of information on starting a blog, yet there isn’t any info on how to end a blog.

If you have a paid blog, the blog will vanish if you stop paying. Free blogs are more persistent as Colin at stated in how-to-ensure-that-your-blog-lives-forever

Are you happy for your blog to vanish into cyber oblivion?

195 thoughts on “Transfering or Inheriting an Existing Blog”

  1. As you often do, you bring up an issue that I can honestly say I haven’t ever thought of before. And yet, now that I have, it is a weighty issue. The thought of my blog falling into oblivion makes me uncomfortable. So I will certainly think on this issue more. Thank you, Amanda, for yet again challenging me out of my comfort zone.

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  2. This might be an obvious question but how is it that you have so many comments on your post? I’d like to read about your tips and tricks. Such great conversations under every post. Truly amazing.

    My blog loses readers if I don’t post/interact for a while, so it’s not hard to imagine the ‘death’ of my blog. It would be sad, but at the same time – not much I could do… Maybe some decades later someone will discover it and I will become an overnight sensation and I will rule from the grave. A blogging buddy has a ‘If you’re seeing this, I’m dead’ post that he schedules and rescheduled regularly. Once he won’t be able to reschedule it, we will learn of his transition. I think it’s a good idea. I tell my community that they will know if something happens because I will just stop posting and responding to everyone. Usually, if I do go on a full break, I let everyone know. Otherwise, I lurk here and there.

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    1. The rescheduling of a if you read this, I’m dead post is a great idea and would certainly help readers from far flung places get closure. But I fear that I would forget to re-schedule it or be unable to temporarily – if I am away or without internet and then what would happen. I would be dead prematurely! It might be a fun insight into what readers might comment or reflect on, but it could also be sad if noone commented. And why would they? The interaction they have with this blog is with me, and if I am no longer here, what would be the purpose of writing a comment. Oh that is a can of worms to think about!
      I have been writing for about 10 years here at wordpress and I spend a lot of time blogging, but I think interesting comment and the ability to be curious about those who do comment has served me well. You will notice similar names coming up in the comments time and time again. These are the core readers that one develops a kind of internet friendship with. If we can travel safely again, they can even turn into real friendships. Reading other people’s blogs is vital to this, but it takes time!

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      1. Yea, I thought of it, too – It seems to be for people who look at their drafts/scheduled posts often ( I don’t). It would be awkward to write a post “Ehmr… the post you read yesterday about me being dead is not true…” Would they believe that I was me? WOuld they think I’m a zombie? Of course I’m joking, but yea, weird…

        I seem to go through phases. Every time I build a ‘regular’ group of people I interact with, suddenly, they start leaving the blogosphere… It’s like a domino effect. I guess the challenge is to find the people that will stand the test of time.

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        1. Blogging can be a transient type of activity. I have lost readers too as they transition to other things or stop blogging. For the last few years though, my community has been pretty solid. I guess that could be one of the positives of Covid??

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      2. But I fear that I would forget to re-schedule it or be unable to temporarily – if I am away or without internet and then what would happen.

        I have a ‘I might be dead’ post, scheduled to appear on my next birthday: a date I’m unlikely to forget. It includes a caveat that “I might not be dead, but instead incapacitated, or homeless, or the men in white coats have finally taken me away to the funny farm” 🙂

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