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Friendly Friday Blog Challenge – Close ups and Macros

How are your skills in close-ups or macro photography? Need some practice?

The Challenge for the next two weeks is to make a post about close-ups or macros. It is not just about photography, so please note we welcome stories and writing based on the prompt, as well. Perhaps you have had a close-encounter and wish to write about it?

  • Title and tag your post Friendly Friday to join in with this week’s Friendly Friday Challenge prompt. Find more instructions on the link in the header image.
  • Be sure to leave a comment below and pingback to this post so we can visit your blog.

Our theme is:

Close – Up and Macro

Even a weed can be aesthetic, in macro?

Snap some vegetables or an insect in your local garden or park?

Snow pea insect

Photography Tips for Macro Shots

According to a bright spot, who posts amazing photos, including an amazing in camera double exposure of a pink daisy:

Bright sun is often not the ideal conditions for getting colour and detail of flowers UNLESS you underexpose, to get a black background and make the colours ‘pop’.

The Benefits of Joining Friendly Friday Challenges

  • Showcase your photography, writing and posts
  • Be inspired to create more diverse posts
  • Challenge yourself to get creative with the weekly prompts
  • Make new blogger friends
  • Build your blogger community

Do you have a Challenge prompt you would like to suggest?

This challenge runs for two weeks after which Sarah will release a fantastic new prompt for the next Friendly Friday Blog Challenge. Follow the host blogs for notification of new Friendly Friday prompts.

Travel With Me – Sarah posts on Friday 8th October

The Sandy Chronicles – Sandy on Friday 22nd October

Something to Ponder About – Amanda on Friday 5th November


105 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Blog Challenge – Close ups and Macros”

  1. Beautiful photos! This looks like a fun challenge and a great reason for me to pull out my camera that’s been tucked away for the past few years. I’m making it a goal to post a Friendly Friday post this week.

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    1. I like to hear of new bloggers interested in joining the challenge, so welcome to Friendly Friday! Be sure to leave a comment here with the url to visit, as pingbacks to host blogs don’t always work and we, as hosts, do like to know, so we can visit. Have fun compiling your post.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for joining in the challenge and I would go check out your entry but the URL you posted doesn’t lead to your blog. Can you post the URL of your blog post itself?


  2. I am so envious when I see beautiful macros, like on your post right here. I have been practicing …. with my iPhone. And I realise what my challenge is: I can’t always see very well (transitioning eyesight – bleuch!) and when I do, my closeups always turn up more successful than not. I know, I know, very obvious, but it took me a while. 🤣

    Liked by 2 people

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