The Forbidden Cellar – Friday Fiction

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot It is not easy to tell a story in 100 words. If you are up for the challenge, head to Rochelle's blog and join in. Here is my take on the photo prompt: The Forbidden Cellar She thought it was wrong. She blamed her curiosity and the estate lawyer who… Continue reading The Forbidden Cellar – Friday Fiction


Street Smart is not Pool smart -Flash Non-Fiction

A True story A tropical hotel with a pool and a family on holiday.   Mum's reliant on seven-year-old Meeva, to watch younger sister, Jenny, as they play.  It's their custom back home. With Meeva’s help, two-year-old Jenny takes her soft toys for a swim. As Meeva swims laps, Jenny silently slips to the bottom.… Continue reading Street Smart is not Pool smart -Flash Non-Fiction

Mental Health

Prisoners of the Mind – Flash Fiction

I extended the hand of friendship to a troubled person, but ultimately, it was swatted roughly away. Social anxiety, fears and social reclusiveness/exlusion are incredibly resistant social problems. Mental ill-health disorders are on the rise. Care for your mental health with as much tenderness and attention as your physical self. A Fictional Story from Rochelle's… Continue reading Prisoners of the Mind – Flash Fiction


Friday Fictioneers – A home at last

Credit: Sandra-crook A Home, At Last They had devised the floor plan to take advantage of the sweeping views out front. Crumbling the old castle may be, but it caught the eye tantalizingly, when seen through the two picture windows placed either side of the chimney.  Oddly, the fireplace, so necessary in the cold climate,… Continue reading Friday Fictioneers – A home at last


Buying a Farm

Photo Prompt Bill Reynolds It was our chance to farm. A bargain. The work repairing the rundown greenhouse coops was exhausting. Using all our savings, it was operational in four months.   2am starts broke our resolve. Picking and packing herbs under floodlight; driving to market; the rush to set-up by 5am. Tired. Unwitting customers… Continue reading Buying a Farm

relaxing with wine glass, wine and candles

Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Fleur Lind Write a fiction story in 100 words or less based on the photo prompt. Trigger warning- this short story is dark. Explaining Why Bad day? Rindango asked, his open palm offering another refill. I nod, saying nothing. How could I explain, without opening the floodgates? Suppressing the steel ball of… Continue reading Friday Fictioneers