Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Barns in Black and White


and the colour version:-


Sunday Stills on a Friday…

(This is what happens when your inbox gets cluttered)

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Something to ponder about on a Sunday


12 thoughts on “Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Barns in Black and White”

  1. [grin] Mine nearly always is: I fear I’m becoming lazy in my ancientness … So I can expect a whole lot of STUFF to grown on it, then …?
    That’ll be fun … 😀


  2. I wanted to comment under the Broccoli Soup recipe, and I can’t! – comments aren’t enabled. Are you being selective about enabling comments, then? – like, some yes and some no?


    1. Weird… I don’t know what has happened? I have not done anything but noticed comments were disabled, on the preview. Thanks for alerting me to this. I will have to check the settings. That is so weird giving that we were discussing comments? A gremlin in my wordpress blog!!?


      1. I suspect there is a variety of gremlins happening around us: this is not the first I’ve learned of today. And I am finding that blogs I’ve followed for months I’m suddenly not following any more. Just about to re-sign up to another one. :-\


    2. Were you commenting on the post, or on the linked recipe. The linked recipe is on a post that is a few months old, so perhaps that is why. If I leave comments enabled for all posts, I end up with spammers leaving comments about the potential for enlarging appendages, or some rubbish, on the older posts. I think wordpress suggested this some time back.


      1. No, the linked recipe. Had no trouble commenting on the post.
        Che???? But all you have to do is what I do every now and then – perhaps three times a day ? go to Comments and delete the ones that Askimet has pulled out …


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