Phoneography and Non SLR Digital Photo Challenge- Challenger’s Choice (Gooseberry)

I have been manipulating a few pics in the effects icon on my Nexus 4 phone camera of the first Cape Gooseberry in my vege garden. I used Moldiv camera app to create the collage. I gooseberryRe- posting a B& W photo of the same gooseberry but this one was manipulated with the selective tuning. I like that it looked like it was levitating!

Cape gooseberryPhoneography is something I am always pondering about.

Join in with Sally’s fun challenge and see her fantastic photos posted there.


9 thoughts on “Phoneography and Non SLR Digital Photo Challenge- Challenger’s Choice (Gooseberry)”

  1. The first time I’ve seen a Gooseberry Amanda. What a beauty and you’ve captured it so well! I love the edits. The last one is magical for sure! Great shots hon. 😀 ♥

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