Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Travel

I have followed Sally’s blog for some time and her regular weekly feature with changing themes gives photography buffs a good array of choice and inspires creativity. I am thrilled to have a chance to blog some of my favourite travel photographs in her Challenger’s choice week.


A perfect day on the river!

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge

20160623_204028-k A Great spot for lunch!


A world like no other!

Joyously or not the photograph becomes the source of reality, but it can also become a dreamlike force for interpretation. So if photography is memory, then the image is the moment–a moment of sanctuary in a lifetime of them. [Source: Sally D]

Even when I am so old I can no longer travel, I will have my photos and memories to ponder about.



27 thoughts on “Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Travel

    • It is a very pretty area of Norway, Sally and I had a lot of luck with the water that day. As I said in my comment to Raewyn, the photograph I took the day before of the same stretch of water wasn’t nearly as good due to the current flowing stronger. Not as good a reflection. Nature has to co-operate for a good photo.

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    • Thank you Raewyn. Coming fromas expert phtographer such as yourself that is a huge compliment for me. But then, it really came down to luck and nature playing its role well. The day before I had taken the same shot and it wasn’t half as good as the water was slightly rippled with the breeze and current!! Nature helps us with our photography at times, don’t you think?

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