To Honour the Best Dog in the World


Your first two years were difficult, but you found your way to Schnauzer Rescue and finally to us. One of our family was a bit reluctant to have a dog, but you quickly won him over with your gentle spirit, your kindness, manners, and limitless trust.

We loved you so much, and you returned this love more than hundred-fold. You found us a whole group of like-minded, sweet, new friends, and great dog friendly places to go.

Strangers stopped us to admire and pat you, often mistaking you for a Boy Dog and we’d have to tell them that they were wrong, that you were our ‘Beautiful Bearded Lady.’

You were such a great dog, so endearing; you knew just how to care when we felt the world was against us. You helped us through the darkest times, you were there often reaching those, who no one else could reach, with your love and empathy.

I miss your intelligence, intuition, elegance and dignity;

I miss the way you wrapped your two front legs around mine when you were feeling anxious;

I miss how you would gently remind us that it was time to go – that light touch of your wet nose on my leg, or that concerted flick of my wrist off the computer mouse with your “schnauze”, when you knew it was time to prepare dinner!

You always had food on your mind!

Dog photo

You weren’t really impressed when new little sister Rebel came to live with us in your twilight years. She tried to take your bed, your mat, your couch, and your food. In true Tiffany form, you were gentle and forgiving, often taking second place to the younger model, while still guiding this ‘interloper, ‘ in the finer points of Schnauzer Border Patrol Protocols: sniffing out and removing neighbourhood vermin, possums and skinks from the property. The ‘Usurper’ became your ears when you lost your hearing and ended up as a pretty good mate to nap with.

Life wasn’t always fun for you; everyone has their troubles, but you didn’t deserve yours. Two unprovoked attacks frightened you and took you down, a cattle dog that likely mistook you for a sheep – (what an insult!) and the second, a complete ‘blindside’ by a raging psycho Amstaff, who also attacked your new little sister and nearly killed you both. It damaged you and shortened your time with us. We are sad about that.

dog beach

Even in your final weeks, you were careful to prepare us for your departure; you slowly withdrew from activities, sleeping more and more, never showing us how sad you were to leave us.

At first we didn’t want to admit you were ill; we didn’t want you to go, but even then, you made it possible for us to hold you close until the last possible moment.

And then, – and then  –   you were gone.

I cry and I cry, but I know that the tears can’t bring you back.

We grieve for your companionship, your trust, the feel of your soft velvety ears, your big soulful eyes and yes, even for the feel of that wet beard that you loved to rub all over our furniture, especially after possum hunting.

It is selfish of us, but we still want you here, with us.

You are resting now in peace.

Our gorgeous Tiffany, forever, you will be our treasured, beloved Schnauzer. We will never forget your spirit and we’ll miss you til the ends of time.

You were the BEST dog in the world.

From your Loving Family   ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Someone I will Always Ponder About







35 thoughts on “To Honour the Best Dog in the World”

  1. There is nothing as hard to lose as a pet or a child. My dog has been gone 6 years and I miss her every day. She was the same color as your Tiffany. I am so sorry you both had to endure attacks from another dog. Nothing is more frightening. I remember laying on top of my dog to keep the boxer away from her. You wrote a beautiful tribute to her. I am so sorry for your heartache.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words of comfort. It helps that others understand what I am going through. We so want to protectvour animals when attacked and what you did was utterly selfless as it is instantly terrifying facing an attacking vicious dog. Was your dog a Schnauzer?

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      1. we lost our Cody last April – and so I can relate more to your loss because of that.
        maybe they know each other in doggy heaven and they see us chatting… woof wooff
        and Tiffany would like Cody cos he was chill, cool, and the sweetest Labrador ….

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        1. Labs are happy bundles of energy always up for a splash in the water. I hope Cody and Toff are enjoying each others company in doggy afterlife. You must miss him terribly.
          I can’t understand why Labs have dropped in popularity here compared to Staffordshire and other ex dog fighting breeds. Are people wanting a dog for protection or companionship? Labs (and Schnauzers) are better suited to populated areas I think. But then I am a bit biased. Was Cody a blonde or chocolate Lab?

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          1. Hi – he was blonde – but actually more of a golden – he might have had some golden retriever – whereas our black was pure lab.
            and we all still miss cody, but the first few months were the hardest – which they always say – that acute phase of grief – and I think we all moved into the integrated mode within 6 months – which is where we adapted with some acceptance and resolution. But we liked him more than the black one – and don’t get me wrong – I LOVE our black dog – but we all preferred Cody – even though there is no comparing and universal LOVE FOR BOTH is full….
            oh and I hear ya on the ex fighting breeds – they are everywhere here – and I am sure the championship breeds are too – but you raise a very good point about the culture, Amanda….

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            1. Thanks for coming back to me Yvette! You describe the grieving process well. And I can relate to what you are saying about liked one more than another, which is still separate to LOVE. I feel similarly this way about the schnauzer I have. Tiffany was a special soul and therefore, we had a special bond. A bond that could not be put into words. I feel sure you feel this way about Cody. He must have been a perfect fit for your family!

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            2. oh he was – and actually both dogs together made the perfect pair.
              and from the post, but favorite photo of Tiffany is the one where she is on the red silky material. ahhhh
              “Beautiful Bearded Lady”
              ((hugs to your grief and wishing you a nice day))


            3. Thanks again for your kindness, Yvette. Tiffany was really posing for that photo on the red couch. I like her one ear “cocked” up too!! My favourite, well I have many but the one at the bottom of the post where she has a halti lead on, standing as she always did, right next to my leg – I just love and miss her dear face!
              Hope you are also having a nice day and you all are enjoying spring weather!

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            4. yes – things here are good – actually I am late getting to sleep (but going now) because I had a nap! anyhow, glad to connect again – and on the 19th was Cody’s one year anniversary of passing – and I was actually quite okay.
              I really have integrated my grief and truly that first week was the hardest – then it waned and the tears came and went – but then that eased and now I smile (rather than cry) when I see photos of him – or come to spots where we have our memories. Cody was a garden dog and he used to stay very close to me when I gardened (back in the day) and the other dog would come and go – then do his thing and end up resting more in the shade (being black he was likely too hot) –
              I felt something when you said Tiffany was “standing as she always did, right next to my leg.”
              I could feel your connection big time – and not to ramble, but that quote is so right:
              “the only fault with a dog is their life is too short” something like that…
              anyhow, as you noted – we are the better for being able to have these dogs as part of the family.
              and there essence will always be with us.
              and how cool that Tiffany was a rescue – so special…..

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            5. I am happy that my words can reach out to you, and that you ‘get’ what I mean! That quote is so very right. We want our companions to live as long as we do and sadly, they don’t. They are always so dependable and loyal, and so it is doubly hard for us to accept that they will leave us, before we are ready! And yes, while Tiffany and her former family did not work, she was a perfect fit for us! Which goes to show that every rescue dog may have potential! Here’s to our dogs’ essential spirit.
              Sleep well, Yvette. Tomorrow is Friday- where you are? Is that right?

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            6. yes- tomorrow is Friday – but I am off – even though I have a lot of misc. to do….oh and I am in Virginia – east coast of US
              ahhh – and looking forward to a good weekend
              and hope you have a wonderful one as well.
              woof woof

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