Friendly Friday – Anniversaries

September seems to be the month for it.

Wedding anniversaries, Relationship anniversaries, work anniversaries and special occasions.

I suppose I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

September is Spring in this part of the world and for those that dislike winter and cool mornings, it is cause for celebration when the earth turns towards the sun again.

Brides choose September for their weddings.

Do they do that in the North as well?

Weekly Friendly Friday Theme

Friendly Friday challenges you to look back on your own Anniversaries. Where were you last year, six years ago, ten years ago or more?

My photo archive indicates I am frequently found close to the water on my Anniversary.

The wild surf at Greenmount headland, at Coolangatta draws us in.

A surfer was taken by a shark right at this point, just two days ago.

A father in his 40’s who surfed here every day. He was rescued, taken ashore but paramedics could not save him. The shark, believed to be a Great White, left its tooth embedded in the bite mark on his surfboard.

On our anniversary visits, I rarely went in for a swim, preferring to walk in the shallows and then past the old Shark Tower monument, which was erected in the 1960s for lifesavers to use as an observation site.

From that point, I would follow the boardwalk through the pandanus trees around the headland.

  • beach

Even though we have nets to protect swimmers, the killer shark appears to have swum underneath the six-metre nets that line the shore.

The irony of the local name: ‘Snapper Rocks” Hotel and Surf Club, does not escape me.

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Next Friday, Sandy will have another challenge for us.

Happy Anniversary.

59 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Anniversaries”

      1. Not many tourists this week but I suspect it will be busier once school holidays start. We quite enjoyed the quieter streets and restaurants. The beach was in great condition and the esplanade is really nice since it was done up for the games. We did a long walk every morning. Such a treat after being home for so long.

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  1. It seems that lately many shark attacks have occurred. I don’t know the ratio of those bitten by sharks to those taken by Covid., but I haven’t heard much advice people not to get into the water surfing.
    As for marriages, I was married 30th of Oct 1965.

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  2. Hi – so sad about the surfer not making it – and I guess that would be how he would want to “go” but so so sad!
    Your photos depict the beauty of this place – from waves to trees!

    Happy anniversary too.

    And here in the States in our area – lots of September and October weddings – we “saw” a beach wedding on Tuesday – so sweet- and my husband said he never heard of a Tuesday wedding – ?
    Anyhow – we also just got invited to a wedding on the 26th of this month but had to decline – but I do think September is a popular month

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    1. Thank you, Yvette.
      I feel sorry for the brides who won’t have the wedding of their dreams thanks to Covid. Still, that is not the main objective in getting married, is it? Interesting that you still have a lot going on there in Sept-October. I wonder why?
      Perhaps a Tuesday wedding is less expensive to book the facilities?

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      1. Yeah – we thought maybe the Tuesday choice was for the cost – but then it was also a beach wedding and maybe because of COVID everyone has more schedule options –
        Also – I sort of feel bad for some folks too – who cannot have the wedding they want – but we both know that some do get carried away! They plan more for the wedding and might forget about the marriage –

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  3. Happy anniversary! — I was wedded in the southern hemisphere but the date was not our choice (although it was on a lovely day in November) because we needed to marry so I could stay with in South Africa. We even joked while waiting for the official to perform the ceremony that it was much easier and cheaper to get a divorce in South Africa than in Germany- much to the horror of another couple present. I have no idea whether they are still together but we will be married for 41 years in 2 months time. All of which has nothing to do with my photos for todays challenge except that once again I had no influence over the date of my first visit to the UK where we were 5 years ago.

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    1. That is funny Knickers! Divorce and most likely other legal proceedings. And you proved the thought of the other couple wrong. Still being married after 41 years is fantastic. Happy Anniversary for November. These days, our immigration department would throw you out if you got married to a foreigner so suddenly. Couples have to prove that they have a relationship and it is rather draconian. A far cry from the days of old when they begged people to immigrate to Australia. I can’t wait to see your photos now.


      1. We were both foreigners. The thing was that South Africa welcomed WHITE people with open arms and little restrictions. But they were not keen on students. Because a number of German wanna-be medical students who got not place in a university in Germany went to SA, started to study and after a year or two returned to Germany to continue their studies – effectively blocking South African students to take up places, which meant fewer doctors for South Africa in the future. It was a huge rigmarole with money and intent and what have you, so getting married (after knowing each other for less than 3 months) seemed the easy way out.

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    1. Hey Kristin, It is nice to hear that my post evoked memories of beach holidays as a child. Those memories tend to be the nicest kind. A relaxed world of simple pleasures of swimming and playing and lying on towels in the sunshine.
      You stay safe too.

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  4. Happy Anniversary, Amanda ! I was first married in May, even earlier than Gerard 🙂 ! Funny story ’cause we were married twice in two days ! Our Estonian Lutheran minister was getting a wee old to do all the ‘official stuff’ in English he barely spoke. There was a rather large church service and reception in the Estonian Club in Sydney set for Saturday . . . could we please go do the ‘legal bit’ during the week ? Well, we had stuff to do in town on Thursday, so we promised two friends lunch if they could take a few hours off and be witnesses . . . I mean the whole thing only happened ’cause we loved our old Minister, so . . . Don’t quite know what the celebrant at the Registry Office thought of our ‘Well, let’s get this over with’ attitude . . . but he surely looked at us very strangely when, at the appropriate moment, he asked my fiance for the ring and the latter burst out laughing that the latter was in his briefcase in the other room !!! And the rest of us behaved no better ! . . . WELL Saturday did turn out an incredible dream even tho’ the two of us would have happily eloped had both sets of parents not wanted half the community there . . . !!! And we did send the celebrant a bottle of coloured waters and a note . . .

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    1. That sounds so delightfully romantic and spontaneous, Eha. I love that you had the Estonian Community there. I know two folk who are part of that community in Sydney. But the coloured waters and a note had me confused. Is that a tradition of sorts?


      1. Lordie, no ! Where for us it was a bothersome formality we had to go thru’ so our elderly Minister did not have to do paperwork, it was just another ‘bit of business’ on a hugely busy day when we went to the the airport some five times to pick up overseas guests from all around the world and take them to their hotels, – we did in no way regard it as ‘serious’ . . . but, for most people it would their only ceremony. Not knowing that, the poor celebrant was more than puzzled by our demeanor and rightly so !!! Well, we felt he deserved a short explanation as to our levity and we really were not rude people . . . so he among many others playing a part did get a bottle of whisky and ‘sorry’ 🙂 !!

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    1. Thanks so much, Sofia! May is the month for weddings in Portugal, hey?. I guess that is still the Portuguese Spring/summer so that makes sense. If I was Portuguese or any kind of European I can understand wanting to return to their homeland for holidays to see extended family. Prior to Covid, it must have also been flooded with visitors from the cooler northern countries too.

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  5. Looks like a beautiful stretch of coast. Sad about the shark attack, but they’re out there and it is their world. We have a similar situation here in Hawaii, but with tiger sharks. There’s a handful of attacks every year, and sometimes a fatality. Also in Hawaii, weddings year round (though not right now), with beach ceremonies being very popular. Here’s my anniversary offering:


    1. I can imagine that Hawaii would be popular all-year-round for beach wedding ceremonies. You have the climate, the nature and the reputation for love.
      So there are people taken by sharks in Hawaii every year? Do you have any shark nets?


    1. We are swimming in the shark’s back yard, Miriam, aren’t we? I never go out deep enough in the water to be at risk, but have seen some fins whilst sitting on the beach. They turned out to be dolphins, though.
      Thanks for the anniversary wishes. How are you coping down south? It sounds like the numbers are heading in the right direction.

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      1. We’re going well thanks Amanda and, although we’re still under stage 4 lockdown, I have high hopes that we’re heading in the right direction. No thanks to our leaders, of which I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a change and a spill here very soon. Time will tell though. Hope you’re well too. xx

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        1. Oh really? Is that the word on the ground down there? People have had enough of the lockdown? I see that Dan Andrews is looking like he has aged forty years. So tired and hagged.
          We are well up here in our bubble. This Government had already had a pandemic plan in place years ago. The Moth had to implement some of it, some time back. Noone thought it would ever be utilized. But now, it has definitely has helped them stay ahead of community transference.

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