Friendly Friday Blog Challenge – Back to the Future II

In the Friendly Friday Blog Challenge I recalled Australia in the 60’s and asked:

  • What was your memory of your childhood?
  • Was there a significant milestone growing up and if you lived through the sixties and seventies, what stood out for you?
  • Was there something that was instrumental in your path in life?
  • An historic event that changed your perspective?

While you peruse the links below, you may like to listen to the periodic music of Australia.

The Sounds of Then – Gangajang

This blog challenge continues through until Friday, when Sarah will post the new Friendly Friday theme. Check it out at Travel With Me.

If you wish to join in, take a look at the original FFC Back to the Future post.

Blog challenge Friday

17 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Blog Challenge – Back to the Future II”

  1. Wonderful childhood memories of being allowed to fly with my dad who was a pilot for the Army Corps of Engineers. I had to sit quietly in the galley that was behind the cockpit and hidden from the passengers.

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    1. Flying in the Army Plane would have been a fun thrill! I am glad that we got to do things like this in the old days, before WH&S stopped a lot of these fun things. My Dad worked at a TV station and I was allowed up into the Production control room when the News was telecast. A very interesting experience.

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  2. Amanda, a quick comment. I treasured going to see my grandparents, especially around Thanksgiving. When I was in college in Atlanta, I was actually closer driving-wise to their house than my parents, so I would visit on the occasional weekend. Going alone allowed me to learn so much history. Keith

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    1. Older people and relatives have so much life experience and history to offer, if we are ready to listen and ask the right questions to indicate our interest.
      It is clear you were open to such discussions and no doubt benefitted greatly from them. Thanks for sharing that Keith. It reminds us of the resource that grandparents can be.

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