Photo Challenge

Being new to this challenge means that I have some catching up to do, so I started with a simple image from my afternoon walk along the beach.

I loved the colours in the driftwood in the original photograph, but really wanted to see where the effects could take this with my desktop photo editor.

Original Photograph

After applying a black and white effect with a graduated tint, I tried a Lomo filter through Picasa.

Week 1 – Black and White

Black and white with Graduated tint
Black and white with Graduated tint

At this point, I am still going with the original as the better of the two…..

Week 2 – Lomo -ish Filter (via Picasa)

Iwas pretty pleased with the Lomo effect! Intensity, drama and saturation but next week I will try to define the driftwood more.


16 thoughts on “Photo Challenge”

  1. The black and white post processing is nice, but I prefer the coloured version! Keep up the great work!

    Happy Monday and kind regards,


  2. Amanda – really pleased you found the challenge!
    The driftwood is so lovely with its beautiful subtle colours in your original image and I do like your week 1 and 2 versions.
    Hope you have fun experimenting and learning along the way.
    Welcome!! 😀😀


  3. Love your original image with its soft colours and your B&W week1 interpretation. The hole in the front is intriguing… I feel we lose the beautiful driftwood in week 2 and the hole is not as visible so I don’t like it as much, but this all very personal. And in the end it is all about experimentation! Chris


    1. Hey thanks for your comment. Yes I do agree with what you are saying. But there are elements that I do like in week 2, and other things I will change for week 3!! Absolutely correct about experimentation! 🙂


  4. Nice job on both processes, and its an interesting composition. I wonder if cropping that big dark spot off the bottom of the image might have some benefit – it has a lot of unnecessary visual weight?


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