One Four Challenge – January Week 4 – Vote for your Choice

Robyn’s four week One Four Challenge, involves posting a photo each week that you have adjusted/altered in four different ways. Participants range from amateur to professional photographers, and the software, they use similarly widespread.

Last week I experimented with LR, but this week I have used a phone camera app, Sketch Guru, to crop and apply an artistic effect to the photograph. Click on the smaller photos to enlarge. The original photo is seen here.

Edited, straightened and shadows adjusted
Week 1 straightened and shadows adjusted
Week 2 Heavily saturated and framed
Week 3 exposure decreased in LR
Week 4 Sketch Guru App
Week 4 – Sketch Guru App – Painted effect

As always I invite you to select your favourite from the four weeks, vote, and post constructive feedback and criticism, if you feel so inclined. I appreciate everyone’s opinion.

I am going with Week 3 to win????

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13 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – January Week 4 – Vote for your Choice”

    1. Thank you Ben, I was pretty happy with Week 1 too, but wanted all along to increase the visual appeal of the mountains in the background, and that led me off to several other tangents!!! Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment. I appreciate that.


  1. I am a week 1 fan too. I love the highlights in the foreground plants, the color of the water and it feels realistic to me. I think you learned a lot during the month, it was great to see what you tried, always interesting to see how different styles of images appeal to different people. That is why I love this challenge, you get to go outside the ways you usually edit and see what else is possible 🙂


  2. Im voting for week 1 also Amanda 😃
    I have enjoyed the various editions you have created from this image. Great job!
    Looking forward to the next one!


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