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What a Happy Interactive Wall Tells Us WPC

Wall – Weekly Photo Challange

In Denmark, a wall spoke to the world, and the world spoke on the wall!

2000 wooden boards were used to create an interesting visual barrier, around a construction zone, in the center of the city. The purpose was to create an interactive pixel screen that could be personalized, by each member of the public, in an artistic way.

IMG_0132 (Small)

The so called “Happy Wall” is made up of colored recycled card that would change colour by reversing the card. One could then leave one’s mark, on the wall, using statements or words, even a personal message. Or you could simply create a pattern using color.

IMG_0135 (Small)The only limit was one’s imagination

IMG_0134 (Small)How many scaffolds can claim to raise awareness of public issues, and boast they they are recycling materials, adding to public awareness and creating a public interactive art installation?  Add the social media aspect of the Happy Wall, and art has meshed with technology!**

The wall was the concept of Thomas Dambo, who used materials from the 2013 Roskilde Music festival in a creative way. His artwork is amazing!!!!

Something really inspirational to ponder about.

**Postscript: The Wall will be there until around April 2015


29 thoughts on “What a Happy Interactive Wall Tells Us WPC”

  1. Reminds me of the linking of locks to the fence, I believe it was in France. Art created by the unexpected artist will always hold significant value. It holds more than a personal view, it holds hands to others throughout our world.

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  2. What an awesome idea! Scaffolding is usually quite boring and I’m thinking more construction companies can probably think of using this on their sites. Thanks for sharing; loved the concept and the interesting narrative 🙂

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    1. Thank you Gale, and I am glad you think like I do. That is would be quite simple to do and much more interesting for the public. The company could also use this as a marketing tool, but it would be the first advertisement that is fun. Thanks for visiting me here.

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  3. A fantastic idea – to use recycled card and give both local people and visitors a way of personalising it. I can imagime people walking along, looking at all the different things people have drawn or read. It’s also very attractive. I imagine they’ll pull it down once the work has finished – if they haven’t already done so.


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