A Good Match

A good match goes together like birds of a feather!birdsingapore

or Gog and Magog

Gog and Magog
Gog and Magog, Great Ocean Road, Australia

Nothing can separate the mermaid from her rockIMG_9130

or good friends:  we are a Good match!


Not something to take for granted.

A Good Match is the weekly theme in WPC

Something to Ponder About


16 thoughts on “A Good Match”

  1. Let me first that you are stunningly beautiful and your post is awesome. We would be honored to hear your thoughts on our new short story called eaten an Eskimo. It may be in the process of getting published, so we need all the feedback we can get. Make my day beautiful

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    1. Thanks for commenting, and welcome to Something to Ponder About, Heavenhappens! I took this photo on Singapore so I am unsure of its name but it appears to be a kind of honeyeater with a long beak like that. I will try to find out. Are you an avid bird enthusiastic?


  2. Lovely, colourful photos, Amanda. The names Gog and Magog always make me laugh, for some reason, and I love the two stacks bearing those names. A beautiful coastline! I also enjoyed listening to the song from Grease again and the little photo of you and your friend finishes your post off perfectly. 🙂


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