My Frozen places

Take a tour with me –


Iceland – the ultimate Frozen landscapeIceland Thingvellir


A snow bunny in the frozen Norwegian countrysideOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Delicate frozen-ness atop the Swiss Alpssnow


Icy vastness in the Antipodes of New Zealandsnow


Even in Australia, one can find frozen Gum treessnowgums falls cree 2011


The snow was icy and ‘sharp’ this day. If you fell skiing, it really hurt!Beitostolen


A face that could freeze hearts!



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23 thoughts on “My Frozen places”

        1. Thank you Pooja. I have not been able to do my usual rounds of the blogs the last week or so. School graduation ceremonies and end of year celebrations, and work has kept me super busy. Thanks for popping over to let me know about your Photo blog, I’ll go check it out!

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    1. Oh to have a little snow around Christmas time, or even a lot of snow! I have had that twice in my life. Most of our summers are extremely humid and hot. We do have the sun however! Many Christmases I have swum in our backyard swimming pool. That is a contrast, isn’t it?

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      1. Yes that it is! I remember my first Christmas in Los Angeles! Sunny and warm, and I was wearing shorts! Until then I was used to cold weather and often snow that time of year. Here in Oregon we don’t get snow all that often, but when we do it’s a beautiful sight! The main problem with snow is that many people don’t know how to drive in it and our cities don’t have the equipment to clear the roads. That’s when I leave the car at home and go for walks! 😉

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  1. Those are some amazing photos. Growing up in Germany and in the midwest later, Christmas was always about the snow. Here in Portland, Oregon, we don’t get snow as much as some parts of the state but I love it if no one has to drive in it. Those photos make me long for a dusting of snow. I’ll take that over the humid heat. The little girl in the photo looks like she is enjoying it immensely.

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    1. Ah Marlene! You are a woman after my own heart! Humidity and heat does not sit well with me. And yes, the little girl had so much fun, especially as she is from Australia where there is no snow around. ( or very limited snow for only a month and they supplement with artificial snow).

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