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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge Returns


A reminder that the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge begins this Friday 31st January.

Friendly Friday

This photographic challenge is about community and interacting with other bloggers, sharing everyday photographs of things from our world. You don’t need to be a ‘pro’ to join in, either. Mobile, Point and Shoot or SLR photography formats are all perfectly acceptable. Your blog doesn’t even have to be about photography in order to participate.

Each Challenge runs for one week, from Fridays to the following Thursdays, when the new prompt is released.

Are you ready?

How Friendly Friday Works

The Host bloggers, Amanda and Sandy come up with a suggested theme each Friday, and post a photo that they think fits. After that, you formulate a blog post, showcasing photographs based on your own interpretation of the theme, and publish them in a new Blog post.

Write as little or as much, as you wish, to accompany your photos.

To make it easy for the host bloggers and others to find you, title your post “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: (theme of the week)

Include in the post, a ping back to the host blogger, ie. either Something to Ponder About, or The Sandy Chronicles and we’d love it if you could tag your post , ‘Friendly Friday.’


That is it! Oh, plus enjoy what you are doing!

Many Thanks from Amanda


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