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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Smoke and Mirrors

Elise Davies was writing about mirror photography on her blog recently. Apparently it is quite a trend on a nefarious app, that one that imitates a clock! Yes, that one.

Elise likes how using mirrors in her photography:

diverts or reflects something else within the image whilst keeping focus on the models also.

Elise Davies

Mirrors can reveal something different or be a reverse reflection of the chosen subject.

Friendly Friday Challenge Prompt

The challenge this week is to post photo/s of, “Smoke and Mirrors.”

It might be a magic illusion, a symmetrical reflection, an accidental or deliberate set-up shot, or an image within an image.

It is really up to you how to interpret the prompt.

illusion-street performers

Trondheim river
Trondheim, Norway

How to Join the Friendly Friday Challenge

To join in add a linkback, (aka a ping-back), and a Friendly Friday tag to a new post or link, addressing the prompt, then return to this post and leave a comment with your published link, as pingbacks are notoriously unreliable.

If this is your first challenge, there are more detailed instructions on how to join the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge.

My Friendly Friday Challenge co-host will provide the prompt next week, at The Sandy Chronicles.

Friendly Friday

63 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Smoke and Mirrors”

  1. I am sad to say that this time I have to sit out. I have an interesting interpretation of mirrors though. The mirror image of my husband holding his son’s hand at the beach and years later this same son holding his daughter’s hand at the beach. They looked nearly identical, the family looks coming through strongly.

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    1. That is okay, Appeltjie. If you still want to participate, you can post up til and including next Thursday.
      Your photo/s sound like a beautiful family treasure.


  2. Love all the images. Reflections in water are very fitting for this prompt. I took an interesting one the other day, of our parked van reflected in a pond. I didn’t notice it until we ended up walking around the pond and was surprised at the mirror image, since our van was parked two rows in! I’ll post it on Instagram one of these days. πŸ™‚

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    1. Norway is my favourite place to holiday. I am happy that it brings back memories for you. What part of Norway did you visit and did you stay for long. Favourite part?


    1. Thanks for joining. Going by your previous comment, I am now wondering if it could be Norway that I will be seeing when I visit your blog. That would be fun.


        1. There are many who comment about the many shades of green in Ireland. I noted the almost luminescent green of the grass in Norway and Scandinavia when I first visited. I couldn’t believe it coming from Australia where you rarely find green grass in nature. Only on suburban lawns with monry to pay a huge watering bill.


          1. We would love to visit Downunder. My youngest son had to put off planned travel to Vietnam due to COVID-19. We may have used his stay as a reason to visit your way. Going to Ireland, we followed suggestions to layer on clothes including a rain slicker. It rains at the drop of a hat. Keith

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            1. I think Ireland and the Uk, well even Scandinavia is somewhere you need to have a rain coat. I didn’t own one until I travelled to that part of the world. It is even nigh impossible to find one here in the shops. We just don’t need them. I am sorry to hear your trip to Vietnam has been postponed. Asia has done remarkably better to control the virus, so in the even of a vaccine being readily available, that might be one of the first parts of the world to open up. Don’t give up on getting there or getting to Australia.


    1. You can’t work out this one? I believe he sits on a seat attached to the seat, but the base and support must be super strong. This was in Salzburg, Austria. It seems to be a thing over that way?


    1. The reindeer was part of an art installation at the art gallery some years back. I think it has also been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “A two-metre high crystal-encrusted taxidermied deer was unveiled at the National Gallery of Victoria last night. Created by Japanese artist Kohei Nawa, PixCell-Red Deer will stand sentinel at the Waterwall, capturing and reflecting the light with hundreds of droplets of large and small crystal and glass beads.”
      Thanks so much for joining in Friendly Friday – I will check out your post soon.

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  3. I had a few images on my mind but decided just to go with one. I love the fjord? images best . That Canon Camera image is quite clever


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