Bushboy’s Last on the Card Challenge

Norwegian Rosemaling

Why wouldn’t I use Brian’s challenge to post a pic of my favourite art?

This isn’t my original design but I was inspired to adapt a similar design that I used as the basis for this practice in colour.

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46 thoughts on “Bushboy’s Last on the Card Challenge”

    1. Some different colours to what I normally grab, Ang. Thank you! The blue in the centre didn’t quite match so I will rework the final design I use these colour with. How is your Sunday? It is Fathers day here.

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    1. Hey Cindy! Haven’t heard from you for ages. You used to participate in my Monday Mystery photo challenge way back in the blogging history. Nice to see you are still active here.


    1. Thanks for those kind words, Brian. I am still not so accomplished. To think that painters with very little training painted this in the country areas of Norway is very impressive. I can only try to imitate their talents.

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  1. Beautiful design & colours. I will be doing up an old 20ft caravan soon I use the front half for feed storage & the back half will be for the goats complete with milking bench. I have been looking into designs similar to yours to paint all over it on the outside. Just so beautiful.

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    1. Oh Linda that would be fantastic. You must send me a pic of how it turns out or make a post! Let me know if need some more pics for inspiration. The Rosemaling style of this particular piece is Telemark from that region in Norway.

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  2. Thankyou my friend, I will definitely share. It’s the 3rd thing on my list at the moment. lol.
    1st mulching cut down branches
    2nd horse paddocks & shelter
    3rd The caravan
    Have a wonderfully great rest of the week my friend.

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      1. awesome – and the post is live – (and whew _ I know it is a lot of “me” in the last few hours – hahah – but the time was ripe!) – have a great rest of your day and I am off to sleep over here (zzzz)

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