Enjoy Scandinavia without the long flight!

A while ago, I was invited to write a post about Scandinavian books and have reproduced some sections and updated others here so grab a cuppa, make some waffles and enjoy a literary trip through novels I have recently read.


30 Day Book Challenge – A Book You Wish You Could Live In

I blame the sadness. It caught me completely off-guard. In my defense, I would claim that I had only recently returned from an exhilarating vacation in Scandinavia, and had almost made it through the mandatory 3 weeks of post-holiday, emotional doldrums, that consistently 'kneecap' me on my return to the sunburnt land in which I live, when Iborrowed this part-travelogue/ part-memoir, at my local library.


Learning Danish – Fornøjelse Pleasure

Pleasure -  Fornøjelse from the verb fornøje : to please or delight or gratify Fornøjelig -amusing, delightful, pleasant Fornøjelse - pleasure, delight, diversion, amusement. betale fornøjelse: (to) foot the bill finne fornøjelse i: take pleasure/delight in har fornøjelse af: deirive satisfaction from Det er mig en stor fornøjelse at...   It gives me great pleasure… Continue reading Learning Danish – Fornøjelse Pleasure

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Scandinavian Festival 2013

"Newstead overrun with Vikings!"   But there was no raping nor pillaging this time and just as well:  10,000 + people were present in Austin Street. [The Scandinavian community is big here] Now set to become an annual event, the second Scandinavian festival was in full swing on September 8th and all the Nordic clubs… Continue reading Scandinavian Festival 2013