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Friendly Friday Challenge – Unusual

Many years ago, whilst travelling through country Australia, I snapped a photo of a patch of forest in an old park, where we’d stopped to have lunch. This was the days when you had to drop off your camera film and wait for several days, for it to be developed.

Remember that?

Weeks later, a friend saw the photo in my album and insisted the photo depicted a fairy pointing her finger towards something in the bushes. It was a mystery and a tad spine-tingling to remember there was a plaque, on a monument in that same park where I’d taken the photo, which said, “ in memory of the first white child who died in the valley.”

Photographers often claim to have captured photos with unexplained objects in them. Some turn out to be a simple case of double exposure, minute dust particles or even reflections, called Orbs, whilst others cannot be fully explained at all.

Do you believe in UFO’s or the Unusual?


More recently, as you can see in the photo below, I was in the picturesque town of Sandane, in Norway. I’d arrived in the early afternoon and was snapping photos of the fjord. Actually, it is pretty difficult for me not to take photos when I am presented with such natural beauty.

sandane norway
Sandane, Norway

Walking further along the fjord, a shower of rain interrupted my progress, so I snapped a few photos and quickly turned back for the Gloppen hotel, where I was staying that night. Something strange appeared in the photos, that I noticed only when back in the hotel.

There was a pacman in the sky.

Or was it some kind of chopped Photo Orb?

What is an Orb?

Orbs are a somewhat new phenomenon that appeared at the dawn of the digital camera in the 1990s. At first, the camera manufacturers believed these orbs to be malfunctions of the camera, but to this day they claim that these balls of light are microscopic particles floating in the air. On the other hand, those in the paranormal community hold firm that these orbs are the presence of spirits.
haunted house
A Haunted house in Iceland with Orbs

How to Tell if an Orb is Dust or Something Unusual

From the abovementioned website, here is some information:

  • *If the orb or orbs in the photo seem to be behind a person or thing, as if peeking out or passing by, it could be supernatural. That’s because reflections don’t fall behind an object or person in a photo.
  • *If the orb has more density in the photo, it might not be a natural particle like dust.
  • *On film, if the orb or orbs seem to have a light of their own and move independently of wind or motion, it could be a spiritual encounter.
strange photo orb
Presumably a dust particle?

There are ‘Unusual’ things all around us.

Have you ever seen anything unusual?

Take a Seat!

Weekly Friendly Friday Prompt

For this week’s Friendly Friday Challenge, show us something you have photographed that was –


or create your own:

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83 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – Unusual”

        1. Have you, Anne? It makes sense to delete an imperfect photo. It is most likely dust? I seem to see them in darker places and coincidentally enough if I am in an old jail and take a photo of a cell. Still it could be dust.

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  1. I like the pacman image, whatever it is. When I was about four. I was out on a walk with my grandfather in central England and, yes, we did see a UFO. To be honest I don’t remember too much about it. I remember where we were and seeing something in the sky, not moving, and that something disappearing at very high speed.
    If I’d seen it alone, I would have been, at best ignored, and more likely ridiculed for my fanciful imagination. But my grandfather saw it too. He was a strict Methodist, very matter of fact, and not a man prone to imaginative fancies. He couldn’t explain what it was we saw, and that made a greater impression on my family than anything I could say.
    One a more earthly note, here’s my unusual offering:


    1. That is an amazing story and having had a similar experience myself know that people are apt to be dismissive about one’s observations. Like you, I had someone with me that helps corroborate the story otherwise I would have doubted myself. Have you ever followed up with this and looked to see if there were records of other such sightings in that part of England?


      1. But be careful not to confuse being dismissing about somebody’s observation and being critical about the interpretation of said observation. 🙂


          1. I would never discount your experience. You saw something. something that made an impression on you. I would never deny that. But when we talk about what you saw I might interpret your experience differently.

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    1. You posted interesting contrasts of natural beauties with nasty thorns. I do love your pencil sketch too. I never knew the kapok tree had such nasty defences!


  2. Hi Amanda, I like the alien parking sign. That could also go for those not native to Australia.
    I also like the surprise orb. And the fjord is beautiful. But the photo of the watermelon is my all time favorite. ;0) Phyllis


          1. I have discovered sugarless sports drinks.
            Yes, I know they’ve been around for a long time. But I only drank them if I was paying or working hard.
            Now I drink at least 20oz a day and I’m noticing a big burst in my energy.
            You might suggest it to your son. See if It helps his energy level.
            How are you doing?

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            1. I am fine. Re the Sports drinks: I have just started reading a Michael Mosely book, that British Doctor come documentary maker who writes that the diet drinks and sports drink are not so good for us. They pass through the stomach fast, in to the small intestine where they are absorbed and that is why we get a burst of energy, but it is quickly converted to fat if we consistently drink them. This is because our pancreas tires of secreting insulin to lower the high blood sugar level and if we are not careful, this can lead to Type 2 sugar diabetes. Everything in moderation, I guess.

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              1. Thanks. I drink without sugar and only a small bottle a day. Not all day long. I didn’t think it was good to drink too much. Good advice.
                Does he say how to raise electrolytes without sports drinks?

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              2. I will also say . . . I started a new exercise program, slow and easy, and my blood sugar is coming down without meds.
                But the old tiredness came back because I was dehydrated. It didn’t matter how much water I drank.
                That’s why I started drinking sports drinks along with the water. I’m no longer dehydrated and my energy level has greatly improved.
                Does the book recommend one drink over anther?

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              3. It just says to avoid fizzy drinks so far, as they go through the stomach so quickly. It also talks about slowing the progress of other fluids, such as alcohol by eating first. I will keep you updated as I read more.

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  3. While vacationing in Cancun, my wife and I visited Xel Xa, a really cool tubing and swimming environment. I carried one of those throw away, underwater, film-developing cameras. While my wife was tubing I took time to swim underwater and shoot some shots. The one bummer— I forgot to wear my goggles, and everything looked unfocused to me. So I shot randomly at “whatever.” When we reached the end of our stretch, some divers in full gear were all excited about seeing a manta ray. I was so disappointed– until I got home and had our film developed and saw I had actually shot part of the manta ray without knowing it. I’ll never forget those goggles again.

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  4. Interesting picture. However the image appears replicated in far less intensity again to the right which normally indicates some kind of lens flare when shooting into the sun. (or perhaps it was a UFO de-cloaking!)

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    1. Lol @a UFO de-cloaking That reminds me of Star Trek and the “cloaking Device.” Lol.
      You are right about the duplication!! I did not notice that before. It us great that you are so knowledgeable about photography and effects. Have you seen this shape in photos before, Klodo?


          1. Well, I’ve moved around so much in my adult life that I don’t know where home is. We’ll be here in France for a few more months. We had wanted to shelter-in-place here a little longer, but my husband and I will need to travel because our student visa expires in August. We’ll return to Hong Kong where we were living for a few years before arriving in France. Anyway … long story … but I understand what you mean! 😀

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