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Friendly Friday Blogging Challenge – Something Different

Friendly Friday Blogging Challenge

Sandy set a Friendly Friday challenge to come up with Something different and I was convinced I’d failed to find anything noteworthy until I read Ally Bean’s Rudolph Framework which she’s adapted from a marketing analysis by author Ann Handley.

reindeer encased in glass bubbles art
Not ‘Rudolph’ but quirky namesake

The Rudolph Marketing Framework

The Rudolph Framework “helps you understand the actual problem you and your business solve for your customers– not the one you *think* you solve.” Click HERE to be taken to her fun explanation of this framework.

Most know, or will quickly find out, I am no blog business guru and to be frank, StPA is purely self-expression via my own mindful meanderings covering a multitude of topics from the environment to photography.

Therefore, you might, as I initially did, think this Rudolph exercise holds little relevance in the blogging world and is akin to writing one of those verbose, but glib ‘mission statements.’ [Groan]

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Those two words, ‘mission statement,’ is enough for me to tune out and yet, reading further, I quickly realized that I did want to know where I might be headed blog-wise, and that a little blogging self-examination may indeed be useful, at least to me. Add to that, Ally mentioned that she was curious to see where the framework would take other bloggers. Thus, I’d dive right in. I may have taken it in a tangent way off the original intention, but it IS an experiment so who knows where we will end up.

Following are the Framework questions. One fills in the blanks for how it pertains to your blog. Like one of those grammar exercises back in school. Easy, right?

Something to Ponder About Blog’s Rudolph Framework

  1. Once upon a time, there was a blog focused on information important enough to share with others that promoted open, independent discussion called Something to Ponder About.
  2. It has the capacity to question, to inform, to frustrate and possibly to validate aspects of environmental change, in addition to various other topics.
  3. Some people doubt it because they’re sure technology will be the saviour in any environmental disaster and the blogosphere is merely filled with rank amateurs who not only ignore contradictory information and opinions, but seem hell-bent on locking up the planet, subverting business progress or fixate on their own capitalistic endeavours. [which is incorrect].
  4. But one day, the earth shouts at ALL its people so loudly that heads turn and deaf ears and closed eyes open.
  5. Which means that more folks become interested in environmental change and start to connect with bloggers and others who recognize we all live on one heavenly body.
  6. To help the awareness of planetary health and survival for all sentient beings.
  7. And that matters because the global population needs access to independent information and different opinions, from many diverse sources which results in an informed global community, who might be more proactive about positive change, mindful of equity and respectful of differences.
  8. In the process, you help coalesce a community of global cohesiveness and egalitarian understanding with blogs being one small catalyst.
  9. The Planet gets a kiss!

Applying the Rudolph Framework to Your Own Blog

If you wish to try this writing experiment with your own blog, check in with Ally. Blogger etiquette would suggest you cite Ann Handley and include a pingback to The Spectacled Bean.

reflecion in glass ball
Something Different

If you wish to join in with the Friendly Friday Challenge, check the instructions, or visit Sandy’s Friendly Friday post.

I will be back with another Friendly Friday challenge theme on Friday 12th March, 2021.


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25 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Blogging Challenge – Something Different”

  1. A thought provoking idea Amanda. You’ve certainly taken the FFC to heart.
    I can see how this process makes one think about core intent and where to go next.
    Have you thought about what you’d like to do differently?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I definitely want to be more pro-active and include specific examples of great, inspiring things happening around the world. We are after all, information sources, albeit independent ones. That I feel we should take seriously. Do you have a specific idea of direction for your blog?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I consider my blog as a creative outlet rather than a serious source of information. Of course, it’s nice to have someone take away something more. A laugh, a smile or “Yes!” reaction. Rather like creative writing, it’s the pleasure in being read that is the motivation.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Nicely articulated, Sandy. There is a difference there. I fill I dabble in both camps but mainly in the creative one. Academic or information blogs definitely have a place, but we have a lot more fun with ours. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you need to think about why you started blogging. What prompted you to start writing and go from there. You might be surprised at what you come up with. I was. I had an urge to write and it was merely an information sharing exercise but grew to become all kinds of themes.


        1. You don’t necessarily have to verge in a different direction. What is it about travel that excites youm Why do you want to write about it? What would you do if you couldn’t travel anymore? (Extra relevant atm). Maybe the answer to those questions will give you some ideas?

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww … the planet gets a kiss! Just the way it should be! Amanda, a great set of answers and wow, you are wonderfully driven with your blog and its aims. I’m tempted to try to answer the Framework questions and see where responses lead me! Wishing you a lovely Sunday! 😀🌺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is such a compliment that you think I am driven with my blog, as I do not feel that in any significant way. My blog, however, does bring me a lot of pleasure and that is helped in no small measure by the interesting and varied comments from others. I do hope you will try this exercise, Annika. Either publicly or privately. It is fun but even more satisfying for me was that it made me really examine my blog’s direction in a long term way. Just what AM I doing here in the blogosphere? What value does it have for me, or for others? I have had a lovely Sunday with an early walk with the dog through the markets, blog writing in the heat of the day and a few drinks with friends in the park this evening. I also hope you is equally as fun albeit possibly in Lockdown? Or is your area doing well at the moment?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amanda, we are entering the third month of strict lockdown so stay-at-home order for us. Apart from missing my son so much we are fine, time flying by and extremely busy. Celebrating the completion of a new project this evening with my husband and mother who is in our bubble. Champagne in the fridge and hubby cooking. Oh, it does sound wonderful to walk through markets and meet friends in park – have a fabulous time, my friend!

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  3. This is wonderful. I’m glad you did the exercise. Thanks for linking back to my blog post. Your answers are perfect, demonstrating an understanding of what your blog does, how it helps you stay engaged in the world around us, and who really needs to get that kiss.

    I laughed out loud at your capacity to “frustrate and possibly to validate” because therein is the delightfully subtle power of a sincere blogger. Also, I’m not much for formal mission statements either. Something like this is much more insightful. And fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Subtle power! I rather like that notion, Ally. My blog writing is important to me and it is worthwhile to ‘poke the bear,’ it is equally good to have a laugh too.
      I was actually pleasantly surprised as to how deeply the exercise made me think about my blogging purposes. A very useful set of questions/prompts. Thanks ever so much for letting me share the framework.

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  4. A great way to think about what exactly the mission of our blogs are. I like that you mentioned being able to make a informed decision when presented with as much independent information as possible and also to be frustrated. Being frustrated often leads us to ponder some more (and now I see where your blog name comes from).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sophie. You understand my blog name perfectly. Frustration as an emotion can also be quite useful when it motivates us to act and leads to positive change. Would you agree?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. An interesting read Amanda. I’ve done very similar exercises in my time as a consultant (both within the consultancy business I worked with and for clients) so I don’t feel the need to do so for my blog, which is just a fun project. But I can see how it can work for others 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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