Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Shadows

Cee has some wonderful shadows in her challenge this week. Shadows can be fun, especially when we are children, shadow puppets on the wall at night.

I had a little trouble finding appropriate photos, for this challenge, so I created these:



Or is you are old enough to remember ‘ET’:




I  added this one because the shadows were very ‘Lord of the Rings’ -ish

Very Lord of the Rings

Oh, just found another and have to include it on account of the Yellow Danish house!!! see previous post


The following are as a result of tutelage and inspiration from M.R. on my other post who suggested having a secondary object in shot for size referencing:



There is more fun here:






Some shadows to Ponder About.




Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Patterns – Featured Blogger!!

Ice crystals in Sweden

My favourite patterns are those of the ice crystals on the window, but I see patterns everywhere. Do you? Something to Ponder about.

Feeling pretty lucky to be chosen as one of Cee’s featured bloggers!!

103_0324 - Copy shot tower melbourne plants, weeds IMG_0198

Thanks to Cee for a fun challenge.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Houses

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge gives you a topic and you search your photo archives for a suitable photo and then share it on your blog and at Cee’s blog. Visit other people joining in as well. Share the love!

I thought I would share some houses in the very ends of the world. The far North and the far south… Sweden (Lapland to be precise), and New Zealand. There are vastly different from one another, yet the climate is not too dissimilar. It is a bit warmer in New Zealand.  However, the differences don’t stop there. Look at the differences in architecture. Something to ponder about.