A Visual Feast for the Eyes- Ornate – WPC

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Ornate." A visual feast for the eyes? Some may say it is overworked, a sensory overload, yet in historic or religious terms, one can see that the designers wanted to transform material objects, into something ornate in such a way  as to exemplify glory, or divinity, … Continue reading A Visual Feast for the Eyes- Ornate – WPC

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life     Some other Street Life to Ponder about: http://linsdoodles.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/weekly-photo-challenge-street-life/ http://itstartedinasia.com/2014/03/weekly-photo-challenge-street-life/ http://ianrodger.com/2014/03/28/photo-challenge-street-life/ http://wisemonkeysabroad.com/2014/03/29/weekly-photo-challenge-street-life/ http://4otomo.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/weekly-photo-challenge-street-life http://ceenphotography.com/

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Perspective can mean two different things: Linear perspective as well as size differential perspective in one plane. Here are some photos to show my interpretations of Perspective. Something to Ponder About. A fairytale puppet of mega proportions, in Innsbruck. or another from Salzburg: Zoom out to Levitating Mozart!!! Salzburg has many surprises..... Boy standing on … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Part 10 EuroScandi Odyssey – Sightseeing in Lucerne, Switzerland

EXCURSION to MT PILATUS The top of the World... From Mt Pilatus, Lucerne, Switzerland. From there, one can see the Bernese Oberland, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland...fabulous. And this is was our destination this morning by Cable car and Gondola. Once upon a time, citizens thought it would bring bad luck to climb Mt Pilatus, but now, millions of tourists visit every year, without any disastrous consequences. In winter, one might see snow at this altitude, but not this year.... no snow to be seen. Nevertheless, the views are still spectacular in weather such as this: it was sunny, mild but not cold!! Ordinarily, the mountain is covered with fog in the morning, but not so today! The vistas were ours, to be seen.

Part 9 – EuroScandi Odyssey (Innsbruck to Lucerne)

“Trofana Tyrol” is located between Imst and Landeck in the upper valley of the Tyrolean "Inn" River Valley and the rest stop will jump in your eye when driving along highway A12. It is beyond being an ordinary rest stop. It is a diverse and romantic world by itself. A meeting point for locals, tourists, gourmets and travelers. If only our bland, character-less, generic, "golden arches type bp" rest stops would take a leaf out of this decorating style, we would all be better off. Tradition melded with modern functionality. I could have spent hours there!