The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is Back

The Friendly Friday Photographic challenge is about community and interacting with other bloggers, sharing everyday photographs of things from our world and is hosted by bloggers Amanda, here at ‘StPA’ (Something to Ponder About) and Sandy at The Sandy Chronicles.

Welcome back to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

With the new year, we welcome new host Sandy, to the Friendly Friday team. Sandy blogs at The Sandy Chronicles and is already busy planning some fun prompts for us.

Please note the Friendly Friday Photo Challenges will run for one week, from Friday to the following Thursday, when the new weekly prompt is released.

New to Friendly Friday? Unsure of what Friendly Friday is all about?

Scroll down to find out more.

Friendly Friday Weekly Prompt

The prompt for this week is

All in a Row

It might be photos of birds gathered on a wire, food, natural features like rocks, or people waiting in a queue, even friends lined up for a photo.

You are only limited by your imagination.

Maroochy river boats all in a row

Bloggers have until next Thursday to publish a post relating to the prompt, with a link back to Something to Ponder About.

Click here to take you to the Friendly Friday Instructions Page.

Technology is usually reliable however Blogger Pingbacks have been known to fail. Thus, it would be great if you could post a comment below, so we can find your Friendly Friday Photo entry!

Sandy will post the next weekly prompt at her blog – The Sandy Chronicles so be sure to check her blog next Friday.

Here is some of my interpretations, of the prompt, to get your imagination ticking over:

Sunset over Machinery
Standard Schnauzers
Schnauzers- All in a Row

What is Friendly Friday?

The weekly prompt is a guide and somewhat of a challenge, for you. It is meant to inspire, not to limit or constrain. The host bloggers would like everyone to participate as they see fit. Photos can be new or something from your albums, that the prompt has inspired in you.

You don’t need to be a ‘pro’ to join in with Friendly Friday, either. Mobile, Point and Shoot or SLR photography is perfectly acceptable.

Your blog doesn’t even have to be about photography in order to participate. We welcome your entries. Have a little fun!

I am looking forward to seeing your entry.


108 thoughts on “The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is Back

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      • We had one shortly before our elder son was born – I figured that as I was going to be home based for awhile I’d go the whole hog and bring up a puppy and baby at the same time! Our Westie, aged 8 weeks joined our family only six weeks before Mark was born, I must have been mad! But of course I loved every minute of her 13 years. One day Ill probably have a second one but it wouldn’t be fair now as we are away and out of the house so much. An elderly neighbour had the most gorgeous miniature Schnauzer and I always stopped to give him a stroke and latterly took him for walks when she couldn’t manage it. Sadly they’ve both passed to the other side of the rainbow now.

        Liked by 1 person

      • That is a lovely thing to do for your elderly neighbor and sorry to hear they have both passed. Just like my Tiffany Schnauzer, in the photo. I can well understand it would be to difficult to keep a pet when you travel so much. (A good kind of problem, yes?)

        Liked by 1 person

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    • I am in awe of the photos you posted Sandy. The men on the bicycle taxi, arms crossed, impatiently waiting for customers and the boys lined up in the shop – with the turquoise wall in the background – its mesmerizing. Such moments tell a story without words. That is a photographers job, isn’t it? Also, I agree, we have to factor in where the sun hits Friday first, and last, on this big blue planet! Thanks for co- hosting with me!!

      Liked by 1 person

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    • Me neither!! You’ll most likely see more here, although these five were a bit better than the minis. They are the ‘standard’ schnauzer. 3 of these dogs have now passed including the one in the middle (my Tiffany), and I have a miniature schnauzer now called Rebel! (Btw, I didn’t name her) lol. You have a mini schnauzer, don’t you?


      • I did. He passed away at the age of 14 in October of 2016, just less than 5 months after my father died. The dog had belonged to a former friend / roommate; he got him in August of 2002, shortly after his first mini schnauzer died. It was something of a rebound acquisition for him. But my friend had developed more problems than a math test around the same time, and I ended up caring for the puppy. When we went our separate ways in January 2003, we agreed I’d take custody of the dog. I renamed him Wolfgang – and believe me when I say the name fit! I wish I could include a picture of him here, but I did write about him on blog after he died.


      • Ah – yes I now recall you mentioning having to go through the loss of your dog and your father around the same time! That is hard. 14 years was a good age for a mini, though! And it sounds like he was the sort of dog that found you! Great name for a Schnauzer too, by the way. Could you link me to the post?


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