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Friendly Friday- Funny Furry Friends

As much as we have all seen photos of pet photos on the web, quirky or funny cat/dog videos never fail to get a laugh from their audience. Clever Schnauzer I know Schnauzers are clever, food-obsessed creatures, but did you know that, too? I am sure Peggy from Where to Next? and Alejandro from Chief… Continue reading Friendly Friday- Funny Furry Friends

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The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is Back

The Friendly Friday Photographic challenge is about community and interacting with other bloggers, sharing everyday photographs of things from our world and is hosted by bloggers Amanda, here at 'StPA' (Something to Ponder About) and Sandy at The Sandy Chronicles. Welcome back to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge With the new year, we welcome new… Continue reading The Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is Back


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge – Week 33

Tiffany Schnauzer thought  it was a beautiful day on the beach today. She wasn't the only one. The Green Ant probably thought all his Christmases had come at once, that is until he discovered the sole of my sandal. Something to Ponder About.       More here:


A Dog’s Breakfast – There is Something about a Schnauzer

There is something about a Schnauzer. Cattle dog, Corgi, Hybrid cross, Scottish terrier, Red Setter: I have had them all as pets at various stages, but to me, one dog breed stands out above all the rest. The Schnauzer. What is it about these pets that can turn the most unemotional, stoically, clinical person into… Continue reading A Dog’s Breakfast – There is Something about a Schnauzer


Daily Mood Meter – Snarky

SnarkyToday's mood is not mine but that of a neighbour who has recently lodged a complaint. The word is an interesting one as I have not heard it in common use.Snarky -1 Sarcastic, impertinent or irreverent intone or manner; snide: Sarky is a just a cooler way of saying sarcastic2. Testy, irritable or short tempered;… Continue reading Daily Mood Meter – Snarky