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Sunday Sayings – Heartbreak

De liefde kent vlek nog gebrek. When you are in love you do not see any faults or shortcomings. (ie. Love makes you blind)

Dutch proverb from from Gerard Oosterman

Although it never gets better, the grief that comes with heartache adn loss, does get more manageable with time.

Time can be a wonderful great healer.

Finding the right words of comfort helped me at the most difficult times. At other times, silence can be just as comforting.


It is hard, but coping with traumatic loss comes with time, and the only consolation is that you are not the first and only one to suffer in this way. You are not alone in your grief.

One day, the negative voice inside you will have nothing left to say.

Weekly Proverb

“A bitter heart devours its owner”


Weekly Quotes

Sometimes love can tear us apart and devotion a cruel master.

“Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”


And finally, the last word goes to Louisa Alcott:

“Love is the only thing that we can carry with us when we go, and it makes the end so easy.”

– Louisa May Alcott


20 thoughts on “Sunday Sayings – Heartbreak”

    1. I have not come across it before, Ally, so I am glad you like it. I think it could be considered as a general guide in certain relationships, particularlu for women who aren’t sure of their standing. One could even apply it to those who questioning their own self-worth.

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    1. That is true, Lisa. But we all have independent choice and part of that is control over our own bodies and lives. I think the pain others feel can be endless and something the perpetrator doesn’t fully comprehend.

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      1. My colleague at work is depressive and to her it’s not about control over her body. She gets so low she just wants to end it. Something I just don’t comprehend ever.. ;-(


  1. Thought provoking indeed. Depression can be, and is, traumatising and to witness someone we love go through such turmoil is agonizing. I have seen a couple of friends go through such trying times and while they were able to overcome all of that through help and not giving up on themselves, many are not always fortunate enough to receive all the help they need or have enough left in them to fight off all the negativity. it is heart breaking

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    1. It is difficult indeed. Many folks not know how they can help or support others sufferening depression or trauma. Especially when each positive comment unleashes a negative response. The sufferer seems unable to respond or see the positive side of anything. It is always a different reality for them than for others even though the circumstances may be exactly the same.


  2. I love the quote by Louisa May Alcott. She was an amazing person, and had lots of good things to say. This discussion has morphed into some important topics. Good for you for getting the dialogue going.

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    1. I love the discussion part of Sunday Sayings. When it used to be called Proverbial Thursday, we would really get into the nitty gritty of quotes and motivation or interpretations behind it. Blogging is so much fun in this respect, don’t you think?


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