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Morning World Blogger Video

When Vero from LesFrenchChronicles started a Vlogging collaboration, Bloggers with a View, it was a fun idea that connected bloggers around the world.

Taking a look into the snippets of another’s life, another’s world. People that we only knew through words on a screen.

That is one reason why we yearn to travel isn’t it? To see different perspectives and sights?

To meet and get to know other people?

The first Bloggers with a View video not only was fun to think about and to make, it connected us in new ways.

If one shakey video has the power to connect people from opposite sides of the globe, then what would happen if we did it again, and possibly again?

Thanks to Vero, the Vlogging Project was born. The theme for my Video ‘Vlog’ collaboration was ‘Morning.

Blogger Video Collaboration themed Morning
Blogger Video Collaboration – Morning

Contributing bloggers were from France, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Let’s take a look at how different parts of the world greeted the January morning.

Joining Something to Ponder About in this collaboration were the following bloggers. Thanks so very much for your supportive efforts. Well done!

Sandy – The Sandy Chronicles

Ushasita – Le coin des bobby

‘Toon’ Sarah – Travel with Me

Vero – Les French Chronicles

Are you a blogger who would you like to join in with the next collaboration?

Visit here to find out more


56 thoughts on “Morning World Blogger Video”

  1. Well done for all the work done on this project! And thank you so much for the lovely much needed warmth form Australia. I feel I’m jumping in the water too – virtually!
    I like the fact you didn’t use any music to cover the sounds of these mornings around the world.

    Here is to many more blogging collaborations!

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    1. I like the sounds of the morning too. The birds, the soft smoosh of walking through the park. I am sure it would have been nice with some music but it seems more relaxing without. Thanks so much.

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  2. This has worked so well, with all the contrasts between the different locations – sunshine, snow and in-between greyness πŸ˜† By the way, to clarify – I live in Ealing, West London, and although you have me correctly as being in England on the title ‘page’ of the video, in the equivalent image here it says Scotland! I’m wondering what made you think I might be there 🀣

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    1. Ah, you discovered my error. My knowledge of British geography is poor, so I thought ‘Toon’ was Scottish. Then I doubted my memory and decided yo check your blog, then made an edited second image. I must have uploaded the wrong version. My apologies for any offence. You can bridge the gap between the countries just for this video. I will add a note and update the post to reflect my error. Thanks for alerting me. Again, sorry.

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      1. No worries!! Toon actually comes from Newcastle which isn’t too far from Scotland I guess, although I am a Londoner ‘born and bred’ as they say. There’s a full explanation of the nickname on my About Me page if you’re curious. No need to make any changes here, it really doesn’t matter – I was just curious how you’d come to think I might be in Scotland πŸ˜‰

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          1. Definitely – and besides, you didn’t say I was Scottish! A Scot would probably not mind you saying they were in England but would most definitely object to being called English 😬 But most English people would just see being called Scottish as an error, not an offence!

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  3. What an awesome concept. I loved the Morning View video. I am just about to head out on a socially-distanced hike with a fellow Vancouver Island blogger. We would love to join in! We will shoot a quick video according to the specifications given and send it in. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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  4. It came together very well Amanda!
    It’s a lot of work isn’t it?! Especially when you’re learning the tools as you go. But the end product is always worth it!

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    1. It is a lot of work learning new software. These days programs are so complex, it is not intuitive at all. (Unlike us!)
      I would be much faster using it next time for sure.


      1. What tool are you using? and is on iOS or Android or Windows? I don’t use Mac or iPhone, so I’m always keen to know if there’s a better option on the other platforms.

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    1. It is hard to change the way your body is set, Moon. When you have young children, morning are a necessity and not always welcome. However, I think you will come to enjoy mornings in later years. As a young person, I disliked getting up early, now I just love it.


      1. We are south east of the park itself in Idaho at the foothills of the Grand Teton mountain range. But we consider Yellowstone our “backyard” as it is just an hour’s drive north to West Yellowstone and the entrance. If you ever get a chance, you must see it in person. It’s magical! xo

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