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A Different Point of View – Writer’s Quote

Some people feel the rain.

Others just get wet. 

Bob Marley

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Marilyn Monroe
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68 thoughts on “A Different Point of View – Writer’s Quote”

      1. It’s not new to me, Amanda: I’ve been having buzzcuts for years. I can’t “manage” my hair, meaning that what a hairdresser achieves is unattainable by me: so a buzzcut is my only way to have my hair cut ! 😀

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        1. PS – By the way, my wife and have fallen in love with an old Australian series, “Packed to the Rafters.” While this side of eccentric, every family and close friend in the show has their own little dramas. We enjoy it.

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          1. I haven’t watched that show but it was very popular here when it was made. A much loved Australian actress who suffers, believe it or not, with social anxiety, stars in it, I seem to recall. Rebecca Gibney?

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            1. I did not know that about her. She plays the mom. We first saw the actor playing the dad in a series called “800 Words” where a father moves his kids to a coastal town in NZ after his wife dies. The town oozes eccentricity.

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  1. Great quotes! I love to feel the rain. Had a text from my daughter this week as she was running errands. “Got boxes, got comforter, got soaked.” With a laughing emoji after. Oregonians love the rain. Marilyn had it right. I’ve never been bored which keeps me from being boring. I still see the wonder. Great post, Amanda. Always something to think about during the day.

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    1. Thank you dear Marlene! A comment even more appreciated when I know you are travelling soon.
      Keeping busy and interested in new and different things is one thing that does enhance the joy of living. Who wants to slip into complancency, a lack of motivation, vitality and into boredom. There is always something to do.
      Your daughter’s text makes me chuckle. Rain is something we never take for granted here in Australia. I am assuming Oregon has many dry spells too?

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      1. It rarely rains in the summer anymore but this year was an exception. We received rain early and often. Threat of flooding till Saturday. Makes me wonder what the weather gods are up to stirring up so much change. At least we don’t melt. Most Oregonians rarely carry umbrellas.

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        1. I am out of town down south atm. Flooding overnight here too! Oddly enough. First trip away for two years and hubby isn’t well. Such is Murphy’s law…..
          When do you leave for Berlin?

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  2. Great comments, especially the one about the rain. I was born in Ireland so getting wet was second nature to me and I still enjoy a walk in the rain (suitably dressed of course). Now that I live in a more temperate climate I have learned to curse it like everyone else when it disrupts life and complain equally loudly when it doesn’t rain heavily enough to water the gardens!

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    1. How our perspective changes when our circumstances alter. The awareness of which seems difficult for many to imagine if they do not live through the event/environement themselves. Me, I am obsessed with snow. Love the stuff. Yet, if I had to live with it for many months of the year, as some Northerners do, I start to wonder whether I would see the down side. Right now, in this frame of mind, there is no negatives to my mind about snow. I feel very comfortable in that environment. It suits me very well. Yet, would my mindset be altered and replaced by a complacency if experiencing the environment was overly repetitious? Would a Northerner get sick of the bright sun, as I do, or eternally relish in it, as I would in snowy climes?

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      1. Guess we’ll never know. My husband would have loved us to move to a warmer climate but I held out for my seasonal life. Although I love the sun, I know that part of me looks forward to next season, always. Autumn and spring are such lovely seasons too. Like you I love the snow but we never have much. My sister married and moved to a place where the snow arrives in September and leaves n April and I can’t say she’s happy.

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  3. Absolutely, Amanda! Two (new to me) quotations which are so true … here’s cheering on imperfection, a hint of madness and the ridiculous over boring every time! As for standing out in the rain – yes! Especially in hot tropical countries – or even better, swimming in the midst of a thunderstorm! It is exhilarating and probably a bit crazy too! Wishing you a great weekend! xx

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    1. Now swimming in a thunderstorm is a bit wild and dangerous, especially if it is an electrical thunderstorm! But I do get the analogy and it is a very different feeling. The ability to laugh and be silly as an adult is a gift that we should all cherish!

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    1. You are right it is an ongoing struggle, Suzanne. It is that tightrope we walk. Some have no trouble, other wobble badly and some fall. I am also hoping for a win and solid ground on most days!

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  4. WP decided that I didn’t want to follow you, and peremptorily removed me from getting emails advising me of your posts – I don’t ‘do’ the reader. But despite its best efforts, I’m back and looking forward to enjoying your posts once more.

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    1. I like that you feel the rain, whether it is good or bad. You have that initial emotion and awareness of your environment and what is happening. Some folks are so wrapped up in their own or the social media world they miss what is going on around them!


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