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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Blue

Each fortnight, I do try to come up with a topic for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge that is fairly original, given that there are many challenges and word prompts published on WordPress. Therefore, checking the reader for similar entries is a must, before I hit that publish button.

The very blue fjord in Utne

I had a post almost ready to go on Photo Edits, but found similar topics in the reader in recent months, so that topic will have to keep for a later time. If you have photos in mind for that topic, set them aside for later!

Cylinders Beach Stradbroke Island

Yesterday was “R U Okay? day in Australia.

Yesterday marked an important time to think about and check in with your colleagues, family or friends, who may be feeling a little ‘blue‘ and to let them know you are there for them, if they wish to talk about something that is bothering them.

Strangely enough, Blue is also a favourite colour of mine. So today’s prompt is:


Friendly Friday Photo Theme – ‘Blue

You are invited to join the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. Full Instructions below.

Interpret the word, ‘Blue,’ however you like and make a Friendly Friday post.

You are limited only by your imagination. What shade of blue do you prefer?

Here is a few different hues of ‘Blue’:

The topic this week highlights the colour that signifies that feeling of loneliness, depression or anxiety and I hope everyone feels that they can ask their friend, neighbour or colleague, ” How have you been?” “Everything going okay?”

Where am I

Let’s share that support and start conversations around the world on Friendly Friday. In some cultures, asking how someone is going, is considered intrusive, so awareness of this is important too. The person’s body language will be a clear signal and an important clue, as to how they are feeling about your question.

Ron Mueck
Ron Mueck

How to join the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

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Friendly Friday
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Something serious to Ponder About

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A Famous Evening Walk – Coolangatta

On the border of the Australian East Coast states of New South Wales and Queensland, at the end of the tourist drenched Gold Coast, there’s a small version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, only with famous Australians.

You can find this unique attraction if you are walking, as I did, along thethe beautiful beaches of Coolangatta, following the path up around the hill of Duranbah, the Mecca for Surfers, worldwide, ending the evening at the Twin Towns Services Club, where the Walk of Fame is located.

All kinds of famous Australians were represented. Pianists, Musicians, Sports Stars, Entrepeneurs, and even a Horse – see the hoof prints? I guess they have to make room for ‘Winx’ now. Has anyone outside of Australia, heard of Winx? Let me know if you have. It is an incredible story.

As a child I remembered seeing Ken Rosewall play in a tennis match. What a legend! Not even Roger Federer has matched his record. Eight Grand slam titles!

Not only musicians were included but sports stars too.
Entering New South Wales


Twin Towns refers to the two towns of Tweed Heads and Coolangatta on Queensland glitzy Gold Coast, one hour’s drive from Brisbane. Tweed Heads is on the southern or New South Wales state side and Coolangatta is on the Northern state side, governed by Queensland.

It is often a source of contention for residents, because Tweed Heads follows Daylight Saving Time in Summer and Queensland doesn’t. Oops if you live there. You have to shuffle back and forward across the border changing your watch and phones back and forward in time if you cross the road. At least you can be a time traveller if you want!

One Queensland foot and a New South Welsh foot.

The location of these towns side by side also means that they actually straddle the border marker. You an literally have one foot in one state and one foot in the other!

The Walk ends opposite the entrance to the Services club, where you can enjoy a delicious meal.

In its heyday, the Twin Towns Services club used to be one of the few casinos outside of America. Now there are many. Many concert acts and events are held here. Meals, dancing and entertainment as well as the poker machines that made this place famous, are always available.

I remember seeing the Monkees perform here. I suppose that ages me, doesn’t it?

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