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Raising Children and Productivity

Lindy is a young Mum to two energetic boys. Lindy's house is orderly and tidy, and Lindy works part time in a local law firm. The boys go to Daycare when she is at work, and she reports they love the activities there. Even so, she ensures she makes up for the time away from… Continue reading Raising Children and Productivity

Mental Health

Marc and Angel’s Wise Words – Abridged

Marc and Angel's - 6-ways-you-are-your-own-worst-enemy/ I have abridged the content and distilled the essence of their words to the all important phrases. I hope this have meaning for you. They definitely have meaning for me. I know you struggle with similar inner demons – occasionally we all do.  Sometimes our thoughts and routine choices are… Continue reading Marc and Angel’s Wise Words – Abridged