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FOMO and Coping skills for Children

There's an epidemic raging in the community, and it isn't a variant of Corona. It's FOMO - otherwise known as the Feeling of Missing Out. What is FOMO - the Fear of Missing Out FOMO is the feeling that you are missing out on something fundamentally important that others are experiencing right now. It can… Continue reading FOMO and Coping skills for Children

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Eight Unique Places to Visit in Trondheim, Norway

Situated on the Banks of the Nidelva river and the historic capital of Norway, Trondheim is home to around 30,000 University students and is a favourite destination of tourists. What's the attraction? Why do so many people choose to visit Trondheim, in Norway? From history to today - Trondheim's Nidelva river and old warehouses now… Continue reading Eight Unique Places to Visit in Trondheim, Norway

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Side Characters in a Novel

Scandi crime fiction I have a lot of favourite side characters in film and television, particularly Scandinavian crime series, but do I have a favourite side character in a novel? I really like the brash, but family-minded and a bit impulsive,  Martinsson, who often goes off half-cocked, in the Kurt Wallander (Henning Mankell's) novels, but… Continue reading Side Characters in a Novel

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Beneath My Feet-Friendly Friday Blog Challenge and Photography tips

Recently, the Home by the Sea had an addition beneath our feet. Instead of the verdant grassy backyard of our dreams, a patchy, weed-ridden excuse for a lawn evolved crying out for weekly attention. Attention the M.o.t.h. (Man of the House), neglected to allot, so we thought it might be time to look at options.… Continue reading Beneath My Feet-Friendly Friday Blog Challenge and Photography tips

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Potatoes and Desperately Danish

Do you think of the Irish famine or Germany when it comes to potatoes? Continuing on discussing vernacular language and strange idioms, Google threw this up at me today: I am Danish and might sometimes be a surt løg (a sour onion) read: a grumpy, critical person, although never as self-confessed as my blogger friend… Continue reading Potatoes and Desperately Danish