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Rosemaling and Art Coloring in Designs

Colouring in can be very relaxing and a way to engage with art in a non-threatening way. Particularly for those who might think they aren’t artistic. My Rosemaling colouring in designs allow you to familiarise yourself with the forms and begin to understand this art. Build your confidence in drawing with this lovely Norwegian folk art. Continue reading

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Up- cycling DIY Tutorial From Tired Placemat to Pretty Tea Cosy

What can you do with an old fabric placemat, that feels too good to throw away. Use the extra thermal padding and pretty fabric as a Teapot Cosy.
10 minute upcycling project, that will leave you with endless cups of hot tea,( or as much as your teapot holds) and you will be helping the planet. Waste less, enjoy more! Continue reading

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Completing a Renaissance Baroque art project – Another UFO down.

When you live at least four decades and more, you tend to accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’. Particularly if you are into craft, as I am. At some point, it becomes overwhelming and this is when you need to have a good look at your stash and perform a swift and sometimes cruel cull. But another less painful way to clean up is to complete some Un Finished Objects, hitherto referred to as UFOs. And do so with a determination akin to that of a Tasmanian devil hanging on to its prey. Continue reading

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Tutorial ‘Upcycle’ an “Environmentally-friendly” Bag to a Stylish Tote

When we think Green bags, what comes to mind? Those ugly, bland ones in garish colours, with some corporate log stamped all over it. They might be practical, but more often, ugly. Or they get dirty and you can’t erase the marks, no matter what detergent you use.

Solution: “Upcycle” your green bags, by adding a pretty fabric cover which is machine washable. This gives you the chance to use some pretty fabric from your stash. Continue reading

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Faux Finish – Marble DIY Tutorial

Ever wanted marble but could not afford it?
You can with this simple faux finish. Continue reading

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Tutorial on painting freehand Telemark Rosemaling

Ever heard of Norwegian Rosemaling? This beautiful art form comes from Norway and has its roots in religious art forms dating back to the Renaissance. Free-flowing and dynamic, the Rosemaling from Telemark is regarded as the most beautiful. Here is a simply guide to painting your first Rosemaling project in acrylics. Continue reading

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Banana Honey Almond Smoothie – guilt free and good for you. How to make Almond milk

Banana and Honey Almond Smoothie 3/4 cup prepared almond milk 1 tsp vanilla extract  I whole egg 1 ripe banana 1 tsp cinnamon freshly grated nutmeg from the nut to garnish. Blend together and sprinkle the nutmeg on top…. So … Continue reading

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Traditional Norwegian Painting – Rosemaling Rules and Telemark Technique

Rosemaling – the traditional painting of Norway!

Ah, the joy of painting. So little time and so many pieces of wood to paint…. the folk artist’s lament! Determined to get something painted this week, I traced a pattern on a base painted plate. I will share a few of the secrets to successful painting here.

For more on the history of Rosemaling, click on this link: Continue reading

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Raw foods and Almond milk

A good site for raw food and information on such… I am exploring the making of Almond milk at home using almonds water and a blender.Can be flavoured with bananas, dates or honey, or of course vanilla if you wish…very … Continue reading

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