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The Center of Attention

Imagine you are a somewhat quiet and academically average high school girl, who had just turned 15. You don't like Science class much as you haven't yet made friends in that particular class. For the science lesson this day, the teacher is talking about heredity and how physical traits such as a cleft chin, might… Continue reading The Center of Attention

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How to Deal with Internet Criticism

Carol Burnett once said: Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. Carol Burnett Carol's quote came to mind recently, when I received some strongly-worded criticism in response to a post I'd made, on a social media group. Whether my words were truth or lies, seemed less relevant than the individual opinions… Continue reading How to Deal with Internet Criticism

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How to Stop Worrying about What People Think – social anxiety and bullying

Socialising does not come easily for everyone. As hard as they try.... For some people, social anxiety and harassment comes hand in hand and bullying can take place at school, home and in the workplace. How they cope or don't cope with it, can have a huge impact on their lives. My son is still… Continue reading How to Stop Worrying about What People Think – social anxiety and bullying

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A note on bullying

Bullying is a terrible thing that leaves permanent scars. Oftentimes, the bully never realise or might not even intend to damage the person so destructively. The following words I think sum up a good attitude to have when faced with dealing with bullies and harrassment. Humans are the only creatures on this planet that can… Continue reading A note on bullying


Australian DJ Royal Prank ends in Nurse’s death. When does a joke go too far? Are Journalists to blame?

This is an intriguing article, and I am also guilty of judging others, and fight with myself often about this less than desirable trait. Perhaps the lack of instant communication and instant "news" that we have today, contributes to our feeling qualified to pass comment. If we received this "news" by letter four months down the track, would we be so quick to judge, or would time give us more patience and empathy? Something to ponder about?